Datafolha: Dilma hits 71% rejection and becomes the most hated president

The previous record holder was Collor, reproached for 68% Brazilians in September 1992
06/08/2015 08h37 - Updated 8/08/2015 02h49
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President Dilma Rousseff reached 71% of failure in the latest survey Datafolha, published Thursday in the journal S Sheet. Paulo, and hit a record of the institute. The index represents the highest rejection of a president since the Datafolha began the series of surveys, in 1990. The previous record holder was Fernando Collor, reproached for 68% Brazilians in September 1992, on the eve of impeachment. Datafolha pointed if only 8% of respondents approve of the government Dilma – Collor had 9% approval.

In the previous survey institute, held in mid-June, Dilma government was considered poor or very poor by 65% of respondents, While 10% They assessed the management of PT as good or excellent.
According to Datafolha, the president is unpopular in all regions of the country. The Midwest has the highest failure rate, with 77%, but even in the Northeast, which is often a constituency PT, Dilma has bad numbers: in the region, it is rejected by 66% and approved by 10%.

Impeachment – In another worrisome index for government, 66% of respondents declared themselves in favor of opening an impeachment process against president. In the latest survey that asked about the subject, in April, the rate was 63%. The rate of those who are against the impeachment fell 5 points in the same period, from 33% for 28%. Also increased the number of those who believe that Dilma will actually be removed from office: from 29% for 38%.

Datafolha even asked what the best system of government for Brazil. The presidential system is still supported by the majority, with 53%. Others 28% They advocate a system parliamentarist, While 19% They say they do not know.
The institute interviewed 3.358 people 201 municipalities on Tuesday and Wednesday. The margin of error of the survey is two percentage points more or less.

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