From January to July, banks closed over 5 thousand job vacancies

The data are from Banking Job Search
25/08/2015 17h04 - Updated 25/08/2015 17h04
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Banks operating in Brazil closed 5.864 jobs between January and July 2015, according to Job Search Banking (OUR), released on Tuesday , 25, CONTRAF the CUT.

The survey shows that the main responsible for the cuts are multiple banks, with commercial portfolio, category that includes big institutions, as Itaú, Bradesco, Santander, HSBC and Bank of Brazil, Responsible for 3.715 jobs eliminated in the period.

According to research, the result was partially influenced by plans to encourage retirement of the Bank of Brazil and Caixa Economica Federal.

“Banks insist, in negotiations, to say that is the sector of the economy that fewer resigns, comparing unduly with sectors that cross specific crises. But what we are checking is different. There is a tendency of jobs reduction at the very sector that does not live any crisis and has achieved high profits”, afirma Roberto from the East, President of CONTRAF-CUT.

The 27 Federation units, 23 States recorded negative balances for employment, and the most significant decreases were in Rio de Janeiro (-1.023), Sao Paulo (-782), Minas Gerais (-618) and Rio Grande do Sul (-579).

In four states there was a positive balance between admissions and dismissals, highlighting Pará, generating 108 new jobs, followed by Mato Grosso, with 39 new jobs in the period.

The survey also measures the turnover in the sector. In the first seven months of the year, banks hired 20.426 employees and laid off 26.290.

Besides that, the average salary of admitted is less than the exempted, R $ 3.427,10, against R $ 6.234,13, respectively.

“Like this, workers who entered the banks received average 55% less than the compensation of dismissed”, the statement said.

The mean wage of men admitted by banks was R $ 3.757,29 while the pay of women was R $ 3.065,40, value 18,4% lower than that paid to male colleagues.


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