After a year, accident he died Eduardo Campos was not clear

Abrupt political death caused a commotion in Pernambuco.
13/08/2015 10h56 - Updated 13/08/2015 10h56
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A year ago, por volta the 10h, a Cessna aircraft 560 XL, PR-AFA prefix, fell in the middle of a residential area of ​​Boqueirão neighborhood, on Santos, on the coast. On board were then PSB candidate to the presidency in October elections 2014, Eduardo Campos, from 49 years, and six people: adviser Pedro Almeida Valadares Neto, the press officer Carlos Augusto Ramos Leal Filho (Percol), Alexandre Severo Gomes and Silva (photographer), Marcelo de Oliveira Lyra (advisor to the campaign) and pilots Marcos Martins and Geraldo da Cunha. Everybody died. The accident, to date unclear, It changed the course of the presidential election and the political scenarios and Pernambuco Brazil.

"It was an extremely traumatic event that completely changed the conditions of both internal electoral dispute, in Pernambuco, as at the national level ", analyzes the political scientist and professor at the Federal University of Pernambuco, Michel Zaidan Son. political heir of his grandfather, Miguel Arraes, Eduardo Campos, it was the third place in the polls of voting intention at the time, He left the widow, Renata Campos, and five children.

Abrupt political death caused a commotion in Pernambuco. Thousands of people, from different regions of the state, Recife were to follow the funeral ceremonies, which lasted four days. Personalities of the political world, as President Dilma Rousseff, the incumbent, the PSDB candidate Aécio Neves and former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva attended the funeral, the Palace of the Princesses, headquarters of the Pernambuco government. no day 17, the body of Eduardo Campos was buried in Santo Amaro Cemetery, in the same grave of grandfather, who died on 13 August 2005.

With Campos death, considered a skilled political by allies and opponents, o PSB, after days of uncertainty, decided that the then vice plate, ex-minister Marina Silva, follow the race to the presidency. Amid the commotion the death of the coalition partner, Marina Silva went beyond the toucan Aécio Neves.

"It was a very important political event for the Brazilian policy. I do not believe the Marina and the PSB dreamed that could lift a position as advantageous as they had with the death of Eduardo, looking like it would exceed Aécio Neves. There was a time when the toucan came to attack Marina, thinking that she would overcome it effectively ", He recalled Michel Zaidan.

At the state level, the political scientist notes that the tragedy "reinforced the family oligarchy". The widow Renata Campos gained great importance in the PSB and was even mooted as a substitute husband in presidential race, which turned out not confirmed. He compared the impact of Campos death to suicide political consequences of Getulio Vargas, in 1954.

"The death of Eduardo was exploited politically and completely reversed the situation. As the Getulio death [Vargas], totally changed the routing of Brazilian politics until Jango, at least", compared Michel Zaidan. The then PSB candidate of Pernambuco Governor Paulo Chamber, which had 3% of the vote before the Campos death, He managed to turn the play and was elected in the first round.

Doctor in political science from Stanford University, US us, and policy expert, political popularity and international relations of the Americas at the University of Brasilia (UnB) Benicio Viero Schmidt also said the unexpected death of Eduardo Campos had a great impact on the political scene of the country.

"We think in the following table: or Eduardo, or was not president, It would be an important element because he had the confidence of both the PT staff as opposition. It would be an inevitable reference point in this situation. A guy sitting at the table, conversation, search solutions and reconciliations ", he added Schmidt.

Source: Agency Brazil

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