Deforestation in the Amazon reaches tenth consecutive year of reduction

According to official data from INPE, the decline was 15%
21/08/2015 18h07 - Updated 21/08/2015 18h07
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The State of Amazonas decreased 15% deforestation, according to official data released on Friday (15) the National Institute for Space Research (INPE). The figures are for the period from August 2013 to July 2014 and they were collected through the Deforestation Monitoring Project in the Amazon (PRODES), which totaled deforested area of ​​500km2 in the State, between 2013 e 2014.

This is the tenth consecutive year that the Amazon has fallen in deforestation. No previous period (2012-2013) the sum of 583km2 was complete removal of vegetation, the so-called 'clear cut'. If we compare today's result to the figures ten years ago the fall is even greater, 59%. In 2004 INPE calculated shallow cut 1.232km2.

According to the holder of the State Secretariat of the Environment (Schema), Antonio Costs, the state of Amazonas is very close to reaching the target set by the Federal Government, which is to reduce deforestation to 350km2 up 2020. "The Amazon is fulfilling the environmental commitment and we will continue working to advance the hand against deforestation", said.

Stroški also said that one of the Amazonas Government's strategies is to complete the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR), instrument that will subsidize information on land use in the state, in addition to promoting the development of sustainable economic basis for the primary sector.

"We are about 10% of rural properties registered and we have the goal of reaching 100% until May of next year. Next to the CAR, we will strengthen the PPCDAm – Action Plan for Prevention and Control of Deforestation in the Legal Amazon ", he added, noting that reducing deforestation is an important channel to raise funds from international institutions.

Special attention – The Government of Amazonas will focus efforts on programs and deforestation reduction strategies in five southern municipalities of Amazonas, where deforestation rate was high: Labrea (135km2); Apuí (80,07km2); Boca do Acre (66,25km2); Manipur (29,29km2) and Novo Aripuana (25,86km2).

"On the last Tuesday (18 of June) we carry out public consultation on the adequacy of the Environmental Regularization Law to the Brazilian Forest Code. Also we are in the process of consolidation of the Environmental Services Law, that is, a set of legal instruments that reinforce the management of the Amazon biome, all facing the preservation of forests and all the features it offers ", FRISOU Costs.

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