Rousseff admits 2016 It will not be a good year for Brazil

The president blamed again the international crisis.
25/08/2015 11h04 - Updated 8/09/2015 10h57
Photo: Ueslei Marcelino / Reuters

President Dilma Rousseff admitted, early on Tuesday, 25, what 2016 “not a wonderful year” to Brazil. In an interview to the radio address of Araraquara and Difusora Catanduva, region of São Paulo where he is serving schedule today, Dilma blamed international crisis again, citing specifically that hit early this week the international markets, because of turbulence in the Chinese market, and said he can not predict the consequences in the Brazilian market.

“I hope the situation will improve in the future, but can not guarantee that 2016 It will be wonderful. We will not have a wonderful situation 2016 (no Country), but it will not be the huge difficulty that many paint.”

In a brief interview, granted by phone Alvorada Palace, before traveling to meet schedule in four cities, the president stressed that the Brazilian economy is strong, but as there is no control over the economy of other countries, It is difficult to predict the consequences of such crises in the country.

“We live in a time of difficulty, where we have to make adjustments in the economy to return to growth and it is reasonable that people feel insecure and worried about the future”, said. And he stressed: “I appeal to the concern does not turn into pessimism.”

Dilma acknowledged that people are concerned about employment and rising inflation “next, indeed, crescendo”, but he said the good news is that inflation rates start to fall, with a downward bias.

“People want to solve everything quickly, Our idea is that the difficulties will be overcome as soon as possible.” And needled the opposition: “But with people cheering for 'the worse, best', will be slower out of the crisis.”

The president spoke again of the crisis in international markets, We are saying that yesterday we had a black Monday in Asian markets. “The difficulties are not only in Brazil”, highlighted.

He said that his administration has taken the necessary measures to Brazil grow back, saying he expects the situation to improve quickly.

At the beginning of the interview, questioned by the speaker about problems in MCMV in the region, Dilma denied that there are flaws in this program. “The MCMV, which we will launch phase 3, passeth by improvements, we are open to suggestions.” In the interview, she also said that his government will continue encouraging the sugar and alcohol sector.


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