Ellen Roche put photo on Instagram and fans wary of photoshop

The blonde was called up to “chubby” by another follower
25/08/2015 18h45 - Updated 25/08/2015 22h27
Photo: reproduction

Photo: reproduction

Photo: reproduction

At the height of its 36 years old, Ellen Roche showed all good shape when posting on Instagram a picture using colorful bikini. Of course there were many rave reviews for actress, but other fans noticed a possible use of Photoshop in the picture, repairing the body curves.

“slightly distorted background”, He wrote a follower. “Photoshop or not, no one takes away the merit of it to be flawless”, said another fan of Ellen Roche.

And who had dared to complain about the actress corpão. When called “chubby” by another follower, Ellen shot back in comments: “I prefer to be happy to be thin”.

Source: Ig.com

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