Fernando Baiano is the 'new whistleblower' cited by Youssef

Baiano negotiates awarded snitching agreement a month ago.
27/08/2015 10h24 - Updated 9/03/2016 16h06
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The lobbyist Fernando Soares, known as Fernando Baiano and appointed as the PMDB operator in petrolão scandal, it's the “new whistleblower” quoted by the money changer Alberto Youssef, to clarify the donation 2 million reais for the Rousseff campaign 2010, second edition of this newspaper Thursday the state S. Paulo. Youssef made the statement in confrontation in the Petrobras CPI on Tuesday, He came face to face with the Petrobras Supply former director Paulo Roberto Costa, to clarify the discrepancies found in its denunciation of testimonials award.

at the hearing, Costa said that authorized the transfer of money to the PT's presidential campaign 2010 and that the request was made by former minister Antonio Palocci, who coordinated the electoral race Dilma at the time. As revealed SEE in September last year, Costa told the task force Operation Lava jet that money changer Alberto Youssef was activated to facilitate the transfer. The money changer, However, I was provided with a habeas corpus that allowed him to remain silent and only broke the silence to rebut the version Coast, without denying that Dilma's campaign has received dirty money, and to add that another whistleblower is treating this issue. “I will book me into silence because there is an investigation in the matter of Palocci and soon it will be relaxed and clarified the matter. So this collaboration is reported you will know who it was that called the resource and who passed.”

According to the newspaper, the defense of Fernando Baiano did not respond to interview requests. But the lawyer Youssef, Antonio Figueiredo Basto, He said he was surprised by the statement of his client and did not talk to him about it. “They were in the same lockup of the Federal Police, they may have talked about it. I think it was an act of outburst Youssef in CPI to say that the fault is not his.”

Fernando Baiano negotiates a tipoff according awarded the Operation Lava jet a month ago. Last week, he and the former director of the International Nestor Cervero Petrobras were sentenced by Federal Judge Sergio Moro, responsible for processes operating in Curitiba (PR), to 0:16 years in prison, respectively, corruption and money laundering. If the whistleblower agreement is approved, the penalty may be reduced to half or convicted can get progression procedure without presenting objective requirements, as prior fulfillment of a specific portion of the sentence.

Source: Veja.com

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