Tactical Force seizes over 2 thousand servings of drugs in West and South zones

Four were arrested offenders.
21/08/2015 12h45 - Updated 21/08/2015 12h47
Photo: Press Release / Military Police

Military police from the Tactical Force, They detained four offenders and seized more than 2 thousand servings of drugs in southern and western areas, in the past 24 hours in the capital.

Around 2:45 a.m. Friday (21), according to the information of the 2nd Lieutenant PM Bentes, to the vehicle control 9561 and staff formed by PM Soldiers Ordones, Raphael and Malheiros, to patrol the avenue The, Alvorada neighborhood 3, in Manaus West zone, He was faced with a case of narcotic trafficking and illegal possession of firearm.

As Lt., They were spotted three individuals walking in suspicious attitudes and approach was conducted. "During the personal journal found that they were carrying a firearm caliber weapon 38 and apparently a lot of numbing and conduct offenders and drugs to 10th DIP to the usual measures ", reported.

With the three offenders identified by Gisele Navy White, 32, Gracinildo Maricaua Cross, 20, and Marcelo Castilho Ijuma, 18, They have been found and seized (10) ten parts supposedly oxy and (01) caliber revolver 38.

After several questions about the origin and the rest of narcotics, They reported that there was much in a residence located on the street Antônio Figueiredo, in New Hope neighborhood, Also in the West zone. When they moved there, Trim found 225 oxy aspect portions, 111 portions of base paste features, 600 Similar to grams pot type skank, e 400 g base paste, Besides 09 intact munitions, 01 triggered ammunition, is 01 precision scale.

Seizure in the south
Even in today's morning, around 00h40, Vehicle team Tactical Force, consisting of the vehicle 7181, under the control cable AM ​​J. Muller, patrolling the avenue Paul 5, neighborhood Petrópolis, area south of the city, They made a foray into Zuleide alley, the whole Garden Petropolis, where they encountered a case of narcotic trafficking.

The garrison spotted a guy walking in suspicious attitude, that to be addressed was found that he was carrying with him a large amount of narcotics substances apparently the kind cocaine base. They were seized 1.174 portions aspect of cocaine base substance, plus a Samsung cellular phone model and R $ 50 in cash.

information, complaints or suggestions can be made directly to the Commander of the Tactical Force, Lieutenant Colonel Jorge Alves PM, phone: 92 98842-1802, 99428-4400, or directly at the address of the Police Unit, located on the street Dr. Machado, s/n – Square 14 from January (old traffic battalion) or through the Hotline (92) 98842-1918.

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