Governor signs edict to integrate monitoring cameras companies to SSP

An alert system will create direct channel with the police for taxis and public transport.
14/08/2015 12h27 - Updated 14/08/2015 12h29
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The governor José Melo signed on Friday, 14 of August, the public call notice for accrediting companies of trade and industry interested in integrating images of their private monitoring circuits to the monitoring system coordinated by the State Secretariat of Public Security Amazon (SSP-AM). During or event, held at the Center for Integrated Command and Control (CICC), in the south central area of ​​Manaus, Governor presented the pilot project of the warning system “Guardian Angel”, which creates a direct channel with the police for taxis and vehicles of public transport of Manaus, offering faster drive in danger and emergency situations.

New projects in the Amazon public safety reinforce and extend the control system and monitoring of events in the capital, said Jose Melo. Accompanied by the Public Security Secretary, Sergio Fontes, the general commander of the Military Police, Colonel Gilberto Gouveia, and the delegate-general of the Civil Police, Orlando Amaral, Governor highlighted the investments in the sector and said that the involvement of society in the security actions is fundamental.

"Every time a gas station, a supermarket, a clinic join such a system will be, In real time, It is monitored by the Command and Control Center and, if you have any occurrence, the vehicles in the region will be activated immediately. This is essential to ensure greater security. All having cameras are invited ", said the governor, adding that studies extend the model to homes in the future, as already happens in New York, US us.

With the announcement for joining the circuits of companies and institutions, the expectation of the SSP-AM is to expand the monitoring system in the capital. Developments like gas stations, trade associations, banks, supermarkets and pharmacies can share the images taken by its systems with the Integrated Security Operations Center (CIOPS). The images will be monitored by the SSP-AM and should facilitate the security forces actions.

The notice to the share of private circuits videos aims to expand the city monitoring network on public roads and thus create more a strategic axis for preventing and combating violence in partnership with society. The mapping of these circuits has been done by the SSP-AM and increase control at strategic points of the capital, acting on prevention and rapid response. The expectation is that at least a thousand cameras are incorporated with the accession entrepreneurs.

Technological parameters and prerequisites for companies interested in joining are on notice, to be published in the Official Gazette of the State and, later, available for consultation through the SSP-AM site ( One of the criteria is that the external image capture cameras, on public roads. To participate, companies will need to enable the service as the set parameter and sign a registration agreement. The SSP-AM will provide a space within the CIOPS so that partners can do the monitoring circuit.

According to Secretary of Public Safety, Sergio Fontes, currently the security system has about 230 cameras in various parts of the city monitored the CICC and CIOPS. "We call for public-private partnership because companies will provide images of the internal circuits, They will do the monitoring along with CIOPS, and the security system will ensure the care of occurrences ", said.

Guardian Angel
The "Guardian Angel" consists of a warning system that will be triggered in cases of emergencies, as robberies. The entire system will be managed by a computer installed in the vehicle, that after being triggered will send real-time images to CIOPS, allowing monitoring of vehicle location through GPS.

The pilot project of the warning system will initially cater to taxi drivers. The idea is to expand it to other segments such as private medical offices and businesses. The system is being finalized by an incubated company with R & D resources (P&D) the Industrial Pole of Manaus (PIM).

According to the governor, Other technological innovation projects in the area of ​​public security should be developed using the P resources&D. "It's a way that the state has to give more speed to the police service, an attempt to use the very latest in technology. Let's take the Industrial District many features of P&D to use for new safety projects, and also in education ", forward.

The Secretary Sérgio Fontes explained that the system was developed for use with low-quality internet. The system can not be viewed in the vehicle. Images from inside the vehicle can be tracked in CIOPS videos panel in real time, but are only available when the warning system is pressed by the driver. "To have efficiency, the system will be installed inside the vehicle in a location that can not be seen nor off ", said.

The acquisition of the system will be voluntary and installation costs are being raised. The forecast is that the SSP-AM, in partnership with the company incubated, start the pilot project from September, with 45 public transport vehicles, taxis and special transport.

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