Deployment of armored cabins in taxis can be taken up by permit holders

06/08/2015 14h58 - Updated 8/08/2015 23h43
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The deployment of the armored cab taxis in order to combat violence again became a topic of discussion in the Municipality of Manaus (CMM), to the public hearing held on the afternoon of Wednesday (5) the Transport Commission, Transportation and Public Works (COMTVOP), at the request of Councilor Amauri Colares (PROS).

The public hearing was attended by representatives of the category and area authorities, between them, transportation director of the Superintendence of Manaus Urban Transportation (SMTU), Fabio Pacheco da Silva, and the executive director of the Public Security Bureau, Pedro Florêncio Son, in addition to the representative of the American company Tec, Iran José Vasper, company that developed the cab for taxi drivers, former Councilman Paul Di Carli who is the author of Law No. 1.678, from 28 June 2012 and Councilman Walfran Torres (PTC).

The law regulates the use of armored vehicles in the security booth for the exploitation of the passenger transport service by taxi, in Manaus, sanctioned by the then mayor of Manaus at the time, Amazonino Mendes. The armored cabin, provided for in legislation, isolates the driver from direct contact with passengers.

Author of the public hearing proposal, Amauri Colares explained that his goal is to protect the physical integrity of the taxi drivers, victims of assaults and murders. Councilman recalled that recently two taxi drivers were murdered. According to him, despite the police force on the streets, the bad guys have dribbled and consequently committed barbaric murders. "The cabin is important, as the villain, before robbing and killing the taxi driver will think twice ", he said, to ensure that this deployment can come through financing.

The armored cabin, according to Alderman, It has come to be adopted by some taxi drivers, but did not go ahead in Manaus. And because of this model, We reached a representative of the American company Tec, which has a template suggestion to be deployed.

Author of Law, former Councilman Paul Di Carli, He noted that the law was motivated by the sequence of deaths of taxi drivers that year. They were eight and then the number rose to 13, and until today, already reached nearly 40 murdered. "These are deaths of workers that could have been avoided if the law had been regulated. The law can not be perfect, but the use of armored cabins arrives reduce in 80 a 90% taxi drivers deaths as ", he argued.

Union President of Autonomous taxi drivers and conductors Manaus, Luiz Augusto Lins Aguiar, He explained that actually came to be placed in a vehicle a copy of Tucuxi Radio Taxi and to the Agency for the State of Amazonas Development (Afeam), at the time, provided funding only for the permit holder, but prevented the auxiliary to have access to financing for deployment of equipment and accessory. "As the permit holders rent out their vehicles, many are placed against the cab ", he said, by saying that there is no unanimity about the project among the taxi drivers.

Iran argued José Vasper, on the other hand, that the deployment of armored cabin is feasible in Manaus, because the costs are affordable, technical assistance and maintenance. According to him, Cabin contains ten millimeters thick polycarbonate sheet resistance and high-caliber ammunition, which creates privacy for the passenger and the driver.

President of COMTVOP, Rosivaldo Cordovil said it has been including in Caxias do Sul (RS) to observe or system running. He said the system works as protection and actually reduces the number of crimes.

Present at the meeting, Councilman Walfran Torres argued that there could be a coalition of forces in both the legislative and the executive. "The mayor has not stolen the needs of any category", he said.

To the taxi driver Marcos Pereira Adriano Necklaces, representative of New City Radio Taxi, the system did not go ahead because 70% the square of the activity is carried out by auxiliary, who pay daily R $ 170. "And there is no interest of licensees and entrepreneurs afford this expense", he said.

At the meeting, also, the director of the SMTU, Fábio Pacheco agrees that the cabin is a safety item that should be implemented, it is in the law. According to him, law enforcement is important and should be included as a safety feature to be inspected.

The Amazon Development Agency, as CEO, Marcos Paul, the line has a line of credit, opened in April this year, by the People's Bank, which creates the opportunity to loans for trade associations. This credit line, according to him, no case, two taxi drivers, and it is extended to the auxiliary permissionaire.

"Loans of up to R $ 5 thousand can be released without warranty. From R $ 5 thousand needs guarantor ", secured.

At end, President of COMTVOP, Rosivaldo Cordovil put the commission willingness to provide any clarification or support to all taxi drivers.

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