Judge Sergio Moro says Brazil “lost dignity”

Lava Jato judge is the first speaker Exam Forum 2015.
31/08/2015 11h06 - Updated 1/09/2015 17h03
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Federal Judge Sergio Moro, responsible for the criminal actions of Operation Lava Jato, said on Monday that Brazil “lost their dignity”, facing a systemic corruption framework gaping by billionaire scheme of resource diversions that settled in Petrobras. “We lose dignity. It is difficult to us to face ourselves in the mirror, to the international community, facing a systemic corruption framework”, said Live Exam Forum 2015, promoted in São Paulo by the magazine EXAMINATION, Editora Abril, which also publishes SEE.

Moro, which was extremely well-received more than once, he said, in the case of Lava Jato, more “spooky” than corruption itself – which he, will always occur – It is the naturalization of payment of kickbacks. In addition to the direct costs, as recognition of deviations 6 billion reais at Petrobras, there are indirect costs, as the interference of public and private actors in economic planning. “Addressing systemic corruption will bring significant gains to all: the companies, and the economy in general. The cost of systemic corruption is extraordinary”, said, citing the case of the Abreu e Lima refinery, in Pernambuco, that should cause a loss of 2 billion to Petrobras.

The magistrate said that corruption is the country “walk behind”. The judge, white-collar crimes take the confidence of market participants in fair competition and the public and private institutions in the laws. “After all, we are a government of laws or a government of men? The law applies to all or not?, questioned.

Commenting on the wave of protests against the federal government in the country, Moro said that we need to seize the moment when people leave consumers condition to become citizens. “This moment is very rare. Although the economic situation is bad there is hope – since we do not acomodemos”, said.

The judge also rejected the argument contractors of defense lawyers arrested in Lava jet and said the arrests enacted throughout the operation are an ever certiorari, because “rule is that the suspect can only be punished after being tried”. “What I understand is that what exists [the Lava Jato] They are evidence of systemic corruption framework, and in such cases it is necessary to stop the bleeding from the public coffers. And the courts have ruled that way, which leaves me in comfort position”, he said.

Moro said “It is not against agreements” so that companies can once again have contracts with the public sector, but he said that they need to follow rules and to provide the cooperation of companies. According to the judge, contractors must commit to ending corruption, to disclose all previous history facts and indemnify the government in all its extension. He also charged that the companies exchange command positions. “You can not proceed with agreements with the same leaders who were there when corruption. It takes the company to make an internal housecleaning”, said.

Live declined to comment on the measures it takes to keep your personal safety and the fear of retaliation. The magistrate took off audience laughter by saying that “for Security reasons, do not talk about security”. He also said he does not feel comfortable answering the Lava Jato reach “the top” the national power.

Source: Veja.com

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