Justice approves whistleblower and lobbyist undertakes to return R $ 70 millions

Padilha must meet up to five years in an open prison.
11/08/2015 08h45 - Updated 11/08/2015 08h45
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Judge Sergio Moro, responsible for the processes of Operation Lava jet in the first instance, approved on Monday awarded the denunciation of the agreement lobbyist Hamylton Padilha. He is named as one of the operators who exacted bribes to the group's former director of Petrobras' International Area, Jorge Zelada. As anticipated the online Radar earlier this month, the lobbyist has pledged to return 70 million reais. The amounts will be paid in three installments, the first being within 40 days.

The collaboration agreement, Hamylton Padilha must meet up to five years in different open regime, which includes the right to work during the day, but there are service delivery obligation to the community and travel restrictions.

In this Monday, Judge Sergio Moro had received complaint against Padilha, Zelada and four other people because there is evidence that they acted in concert to benefit the American company Vantage Drilling the charter contract drillship Titanium Explorer. In addition to Jorge Zelada and own Hamylton Padilha, They became defendants in a new criminal case of Lava jet the former general director of the international area of ​​state Eduardo Musa, lobbyists Raul Schmidt Felippe Junior, João Augusto Rezende Henriques and executive Hsin Chi Su.

According to the prosecution, at least 31 million scheme dollars ended up in the hands of Zelada, the Musa e do PMDB, responsible for political patronage of former leader. no scheme, lobbyists Hamylton Padilha, Raul Schmidt Junior and João Augusto Rezende Henriques acted as intermediaries trading, and it was up to Padilha pay part designed to Eduardo Musa, Raul Schmidt deposit the bribe reserved for Zelada and João Augusto Henriques pay the blood money to the PMDB. In all cases, the bribe was sent directly to secret accounts abroad.

Source: Veja.com

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