Kroll points 56 bank accounts suspected targets of Lava Jato

Mr Hugo Motta (PMDB-PB), President of Petrobras commissioned the CPI report.
14/08/2015 16h25 - Updated 5/05/2016 03h43
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The Kroll spy company commissioned by Petrobras CPI report noted suspicions twelve targets can keep out of the country 56 Bank accounts, apart from the possibility of six properties and 33 companies still unknown to researchers of Operation Lava Jato. Members who have access to the report, kept secret by the CPI, They said the document raises, for example, the suspicion that the money changer Alberto Youssef, one of the informers of Lava Jato, may have accounts in Lebanon and Hong Kong.

Pedro Barusco, another informer, It is also mentioned in the report as suspected of having accounts in various tax havens. The document produced by Kroll also raises suspicions that the former PT treasurer João Vaccari Neto, arrested by Lava Jato, can keep accounts in Uruguay. A Kroll, However, not passed the parliamentary account numbers or which properties and businesses on behalf of the targets selected by the CPI for the wanton.

For this, He charged the CPI signing a new contract at the end, second members, could reach 10 million reais. To only raise suspicions against targets, without any veracity of evidence, the company charged and the House agreed to pay 1,18 million reais. No agreement with Members, Kroll announced on Thursday, in a statement, I would not continue work. In this way, Members will have only one set of suspicions that cost the public coffers over 1 million reais.

The list of openly exposed by CPI request Kroll includes other informers of Petrobras corruption scheme, as lobbyist Julio Camargo, who accused Cunha in his testimony receiving bribe 5 million dollars, and even Stael Fernanda Janene, widow of former congressman Jose Janene (PP-PR). And still: Renato Duque (former director of Petrobras Services), Paulo Roberto Costa (former director of Petrobras Supply), Augusto Mendonça (X-Dirigent Dr. settle Toyo), Eduardo Leite (former director vice president of Camargo Corrêa), Dalton Avancini (former president of the Camargo Corrêa), Julio Faerman (representative of SBM Offshore in Brazil) and Ricardo Pessoa (contractor UTC). According to members of the ICC, Kroll raised suspicions against all.

The names of the investigation by Kroll had been kept secret by the Board of Presidents, Deputy Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ), and Petrobras CPI, Hugo Motta (PMDB-PB), his political ally for two months. On thursday, However, Motta decided to share the relationship with the other members of the CPI in an attempt to renew the contract with Kroll. Eduardo Cunha did not comment on the leak from the list and denied having prior knowledge of the targets.

Motta attributed the withdrawal to “false conclusions” e “speculation” in the press. For a parliamentary CPI, the image “it became bad” for Kroll, because “It is as if they had provided services to miscreants”, he said. Members raised questions about the position of Kroll. “The House spends 1 million reais with the company, that just added to the collegial assessment work and, all of a sudden, terminating activities, leaving the college to see ships”, said Rep Eliziane Range (PPS MA).

The PMDB said he did not consider that the work has been lost, but he said it will still need to think what to do. The material picked up by Kroll should be shared with the public prosecutor and the Lava Operation Jet.


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