Lava Jato is kickback clue to Gleisi Hoffmann

corruption scheme of money supplied family Senator PT.
25/08/2015 11h35 - Updated 25/08/2015 11h38

Researchers at the Lava Operation Jet task force found evidence that Senator PT and former Chief of Staff Gleisi Hoffmann (PT-PR) It may have been the recipient of dirty money in busy petrolão scandal by the company Consist. The Senator suspected of involvement and her husband, former Communications Minister Paulo Bernardo, They were detected after the Federal Police and prosecutors have traced the movements of lawyer and former councilor Alexandre Romano, arrested in the latest phase of Lava jet on suspicion of operating a kickback payment scheme in the Ministry of Planning.

There are indications that Roman received 37 million reais in bribes from the Consist Group companies in a scheme that benefited firms for the provision of computer services for the management of payroll loans. By tracking the payments received by companies of Consist, the researchers found lawyer transfers Guilherme Goncalves, who worked in political campaigns of the PT and own Gleisi, directly to Senator PT.

The notes seized in power of attorney Guilherme Goncalves, there are indications that the money that irrigated the Consist scheme in the Ministry of Planning supplied the family Gleisi Hoffmann. the notes, The confirmation: “several PT, PB, Gleisi”. In one case, money that researchers claim to be bribes came to settle the wages of the driver of Senator PT, Hernany Mascarenhas. In testimony to the investigation of the Lava Jato, Guilherme Goncalves confirmed that it used funds received by way of legal fees Consist to pay “urgent expenses”, such as Gleisi Hoffmann. None of these debts “urgent”, however, It was reimbursed by alleged customers or even charged back by lawyer.

In a spreadsheet seized in Gonçalves office, the details that may incriminate Gleisi are more evident: in recorded notes as “Consist Fund”, no reference to a claim of about 50.000 real with “many debts releases in favor of Senator and people connected to it”. “Reportedly note that, payment of fifty thousand reais fees by Consist to William in 29/09/2011, he would have agreed with the former Minister Paulo Bernardo, husband Gleisi Hoffmann, that would, this time, with any amount”, reports the judge Sergio Moro after receiving the results of investigations.

“The exams, Summary of cognition, reveal that a significant part of the remuneration of Consist, near 9,6% of net sales, it was passed, at the request of Alexander Roman, the lawyer Guilherme Goncalves, in Curitiba, what, in turn, We used these resources to payments associated with the Senator of Gleisi Hoffmann Republic”, concludes Moro, what, to have found evidence of irregularities involving Senator, determined to send the investigation to the Supreme Court (STF).


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