TSE majority decides open process that can lead to cassation Dilma

The action is for abuse of political and economic power.
26/08/2015 08h54 - Updated 27/08/2015 12h24
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After hard clashes between ministers, the Plenum of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) formed majority on Tuesday to continue an action that could lead to the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff's mandate (PT) and Vice President Michel Temer (PMDB) for abuse of political and economic power. A minister Luciana Lossio – itself one of the election of Dilma former lawyers – He asked sight and interrupted the trial, but four ministers have voted in favor of further action challenging the mandate of PT. Thereby, Dilma can be ordered to defend.

In individual analysis, Minister Maria Thereza Assis Moura, if the rapporteur, He had denied follow-up to the action challenging the legality of the electoral dispute by considering fragile the evidence presented by PSDB, Plaintiff's, in the process of opening request. But the case has come to the plenary on appeal of toucans. Until now, the Gilmar Mendes ministers, João Otávio de Noronha, Luiz Fux and Henrique Neves considered that the action against Dilma Temer-plate must continue the Electoral Court. Only the Minister Maria Thereza voted, in previous session, to dismiss the PSDB and bury request. No, Per hour, merit judgment on whether or not abuse the plate Dilma-Temer in elections 2014.

At the sitting of Tuesday, confronted with the recent revelations of Operation Lava Jato, that put the lawfulness of Rousseff's campaign financing in check, Maria Thereza said he did not vote based on political beliefs and stated that also want “a country without corruption”. Although Lava Jet has placed the government in daily police news, the minister said petrolão revelations came after the lawsuit filed by the PSDB at the end of last year and said it would be up to the Supreme Court (STF), and not to TSE, processing actions of this nature. “The facts were brought to light the events of 2014. Like all Brazilian, I also want a country without corruption, that is better for our children and grandchildren. The facts are serious, but are supervening events, that not even the plaintiff was aware when the action was brought”, said.

The argument was refuted by Minister Gilmar Mendes. For him, It is not the facts that are subsequent to the action that can lead to Rousseff's term of cassation. Second or magistrate, the PSDB gathered what was known of possible irregularities in the time immediately after the re-election of Dilma in October, but I had no way of knowing in detail revelations that surfaced only this year, as the testimony contractor Ricardo Pessoa, owner of the UTC Engineering. Person said he passed diverted money from Petrobras for Rousseff's political campaign through official donations.

“Imagine that, indeed, It is proven that the campaign financing was given via Petrobras, by tip. There is strong data. Let's ignore this in action? As or author [action, the PSDB] could prove these facts? He had the initial elements of the statements”, said Gilmar.

No date for the trial to resume.

Source: Veja.com

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