French bakers take vacations and Paris is no baguette

Professionals no longer have summer vacation regulated, then they can take how long they want to in July and August
28/08/2015 17h10 - Updated 28/08/2015 17h11
Photo: Isabella Pfenninger (iStock/Getty Images)

The attempt by the French government to reform the country's labor market and stimulate growth generated some unexpected consequences: is more difficult to be able to buy a baguette in Paris. According to the Financial Times report, for the first time in half a century, bakers have no summer vacation regulated by the Paris City Hall and can take as time off they want in July and August.

Previously, bakers were informed by the city over the weeks that could play, system that ensured that each area had at least one open artisan bakery in summer.

“Parisians are in a grotesque situation”, disse Rémi HELUIN, funfador do Painrisien, blog about Parisian bakeries. “Many bakers decided to close at the same time. There was a total lack of coordination.” He estimates that about 75% bakeries are closed this summer.

The change in the rules is part of a broader agenda of the government to liberalize a number of markets.


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