PF think Zelada trip record with former partner PMDB lobbyist

Zelada was successor to the former director Nestor Cervero, prisoner from 14 from January.
17/08/2015 10h50 - Updated 17/08/2015 10h50

The Federal Police located the travel record of the former director of Petrobras Jorge Luiz Zelada – arrested by Operation Lava Jet – made to open an account in Monaco principality. The executive left the country in 7 February 2011 to 21h03, towards Paris, on the same flight that was Miloud Hassene, former member of the PMDB João Augusto Rezende Henriques lobbyist Trend company.

According to PF, Jorge Zelada opened his account at Bank Julius Baer Group, Monaco, in 15 of February – four days after boarding. I do not Principado, Researchers found that the former director of Petrobras had 11,5 millions of euros. The trip reinforces corruption evidence 31 millions of dollars in contract drillship Titanium Explorer.

“Strengthen yourself, therefore, the evidence that the account held in Monaco on behalf of Jorge Luiz Zelada was opened within the stipulated period and in order to hide the spurious amounts received by virtue of his role on the Board of Petrobras' International Area”, said the delegate Philip Hille Pace.

Former director and the PMDB João Henriques lobbyist are defendants in proceedings before the Federal Court of Paraná for corruption, money laundering and tax evasion involving the Titanium Explorer contract. According to the complaint of the Attorney, a successful tip was no contract 31 million reais, of which 20,8 million reais have been effectively paid. According to the Federal Public Ministry, the PMDB quota reached 10 million dollars in 2009.

Zelada was successor to the former director Nestor Cervero, prisoner from 14 from January, the International Board – share of the PMDB in the political subdivision scheme in the state. Prosecutors found that João Henriques was Petrobras executive, which he left to pursue the activity of lobbyist.

During the investigation of the Lava Jato, MPF found that Zelada was account controller on behalf of the offshore International Rockfield S.A. The operation managed to block most of the undeclared fortune Zelada: 11 millions of euros. In another account with the same bank – this on your behalf – there were more 32.000 euros.

The PMDB's press office denied all charges and said that the acronym has never authorized anyone to intermediate party to raise funds.

According to criminologist Alexandre Lopes, defending the former director of Petrobras, the complaint “It is absolutely unfounded” and will demonstrate the invalidity of the charges. “The complaint is unfounded and is based on award-winning denunciations that do not hold. The defense will demonstrate the invalidity of the complaint in the course of criminal investigation”, he said.


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