PM sets off Operation "Presence 23" at the weekend with operations in Manaus and RMM

Near 400 police in 61 municipalities will be mobilized by turn.
14/08/2015 14h36 - Updated 14/08/2015 14h37
Photo: Military police

Aiming to expand the police actions carried out in the capital to municipalities in the state, It was triggered by the Military Police Amazon, at night this Thursday (13), Operation "Presence 23". In this issue, as determined by the corporation's General Commander, beyond the capital, the actions will have special activities in municipalities located in the metropolitan region of Manaus.

According to the General Commander, Colonel Gilberto de Andrade Gouvêa, the military police come every edition of Operation Presence, effectively increasing the ostensive policing actions in the State, providing not only the sense of security, but effectively guarantee. "Given the positive results we are getting, and from the data of the institution's intelligence sector, we decided to expand and intensify public security actions of the operation 'Presence 23', municipalities where there is more criminal incidence, as we have already been conducted in the capital and especially those located in the metropolitan area ", he explained Gouvêa.

As Subcomandante the police command of the Interior (CPI), Lieutenant Colonel PM Peter France, actions mobilize the crowded police personnel in their operations, aimed at preventing, combat and reduce crime in these regions of the State.

"With the siege held in the capital, naturally occurring migration of crime to the municipalities in the interior and on that basis, we are intensifying the actions that were already developed routinely, especially in cities near capital, located in the Metropolitan Region, which represents an extra effort of the military police to fight crime, to provide effective security to citizens Amazon ", said France.

Effective and activities
Approximately 400 military police of the central operating units in 61 Amazon municipalities, They will be mobilized for service in shift operation 'Presence 23', plus the administrative effective, working with patrolling on foot and motorized. "All the arrangements and policing dynamics developed in the capital will be employed, as police checkpoints, blitzes and speed bumps at the entrances and exits of cities and river access, aimed at apprehending offenders, weapons, drugs, stolen vehicles or irregular vessels ", He informed the Commander.

In the metropolitan region of Manaus, the performance will take place in the cities of Itacoatiara, Silves, Itapiranga, Manacapuru, Autazes, Manaquiri, Novo Airão, Rio Preto da Eva, Presidente Figueiredo, Iranduba, Careiro Lowland and Careiro Brown. All of these municipalities, They are receiving a large migration of people from the capital, received reinforcement in policing. "We ask the cooperation of the population with the police work, because, mostly, the small inconvenience of going through magazine, saves lives, prevents crimes possibility of damage to the lives of other citizens ", Fleet warned.

"We continue joining efforts to reduce and prevent crime in the city of Manaus and municipalities in the state is our focus, because, the Military Police continues daily fulfilling its role of sustaining the lives of citizens, a mission with dedication and promptness to the Amazonian population ", said the General Commander, Colonel Gilberto de Andrade Gouvêa.

As the Security Operations Center Integrated data (CIOPS), since the operation was triggered, the number of serious crimes has dropped considerably, and the number of violent deaths and involvement with drug trafficking. The action aims to conduct searches of people and vehicles in order to curb illegal possession of weapon, theft and vehicle theft, drug trafficking and other crimes of lesser offensive potential.

special operation will follow demonstrations on Sunday (16)

A special police operation called "Popular Manifestations III", It was set up by the military police, to oversee the activities on Sunday, day 16.

The police actions will be developed in the local concentration, as the area of ​​the center Manaus, environment, and the manifestation of the path, aiming to preserve law and order, preventing possible acts of vandalism in public bodies, public and private equity, and prevent crimes against life.

The Military Police will be effective with that make up the Metropolitan police command (CPM), the Tactical Force, Area Policing Command (CPA’s) and Interactive Community Company (IDPF), the places where happen events, as Congress Square, streets and avenues of downtown area. Another difference is the performance of covert teams of military police intelligence services throughout the event.

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