nude beaches in the sights of the Russian authorities

“Your parties often end in fights, drinking or sex in public”, said Mrs Lyudmila Stebenkova
24/08/2015 20h01 - Updated 24/08/2015 20h01
Photo: Yuri KADOBNOV / AFP

The increasingly marked conservatism in Russia has a new target: the country's authorities are studying prohibit the presence of nude sunbathers in one of the most popular Moscow nude beaches, located within the Serebryany Bor park and frequented by naturists almost thirty years ago.

“Those people [nudists] they are depraved. We can not encourage immorality”, said Mrs Lyudmila Stebenkova told The Moscow Times. “Naked people occupied the edges of Strogino [Moscow neighborhood]. Your parties often end in fights, drinking or sex in public. But the police can not stop this orgy because there are no laws regulating nudism”, Lyudmila wrote in his blog, to launch the campaign against nude beaches.

Supported in conservative values, local authorities follow banishing anything that believe not part of Russian culture, gay propaganda erotic scenes in the country's literary classics. in May, a nudist beach in a river near St. Petersburg, that recebia naturists from a decade of 60, It was closed because it is considered harmful to public morals.

“We must protect our children from naked hairy old perverts”, I said at the time the Conservative MP Vitaly Milonov, known for his fervent anti-gay comments, local radio.

Sergei Mityushin, president of a Naturist Association Moscow, He admitted to the Moscow Times that the beach Serebryany Bor is not ideal for the practice of nudism. “There are many people walking there – elderly, families with children – and not everyone want to see nude sunbathers. Nudist beaches should be fenced and guarded”.

Mityushin says nudists accept attending another beach, but recalls that the authorities have to reserve for naturists a beach in fenced area near there in years 90, but the place was full of rubbish and building materials. According to him, only traditional beaches receive the necessary care, as toilets and garbage collectors.

On the other hand, the Russian authorities do not seem to be open to dialogue. “There is nothing to be discussed. I think beaches like these should not exist”, said Mrs Lyudmila Stebenkova the Moscow Times.


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