Imprisoned for traffic, “blindness” It is suspected of 5 homicide

The criminal still tried to escape, but it was intercepted by police officers
24/08/2015 20h24 - Updated 24/08/2015 20h24
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Emerson painter Cristiano da Silva Couto, 22, known as "Cegueta", It was presented on the morning of Monday, day 24, during a press conference held at the Specialized Police Homicide and Kidnapping (Dehs), located at Avenida Autaz Mirim, neighborhood Jorge Teixeira, East zone. The boy was arrested at the scene on the afternoon of Thursday, day 20, for drug trafficking and is named as the author of at least five homicides in the capital.

According to the titular delegate of the police unit, Ivo Martins, the young man was surprised by police officers specialized around 17h, at the time when washing the vehicle itself, in front of a drug sales point, commanded by him, in the street 16 of October, Community Santa Inês, neighborhood Jorge Teixeira, East zone.

"When Emerson saw some DEHS the members tried to take flight, but it was intercepted by police officers. With the offender narcotics were seized portions that would be marketed in that area of ​​the city ", said Martins.

Also according to information from the police authority, Emerson was being investigated for the murder of Eristony Fernandes Sena, who was known as "Tom" and had 43 years when the crime happened, no dia 9 July this year, the allotment Riacho Doce 2, New Town neighborhood, North Zone.

"An armed group invaded Eristony house and passed by police officers. In this ocasion, They were made over fifteen firearm shots toward the victim. Before I die, in front of his wife, Eristony recognized Emerson because of poor eyesight that he has ", Martins explained.

As the police officers who participated in the proceedings, besides confirming participation in the death of Eristony, Emerson also confessed to authoring four homicides, all occurred in the north of Manaus. The victims were: Juliano Rodrigues da Silva, 26; Francisco Jerlan Nogueira da Silva, 27; Lianderson Francisco da Silveira Coelho, 24; and Geovany Francisco da Silva Mendes, 31.

"Emerson admitted authorship of the five murders and is being investigated for another six. All the victims were involved in drug trafficking. He acted as a "gunman" a criminal gang operating in the state and killed the victims pay, that revolved around R $ 2 mil a R$ 5 one thousand", said Martins.

The offender had two arrest warrants in his name. Both of involvement in the sale of drugs in the city. At the police station he was apprehended in the act of drug trafficking and indicted for murder. At the end of legal proceedings, he will be led to the Jailhouse Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa, which will be available to the Justice.

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