About to debut on Record, Xuxa says follows Catholic

An image of Christ without the cross sparked controversy in social networks.
17/08/2015 11h02 - Updated 17/08/2015 11h02

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On the eve of his debut on Record, which airs at 22:30 on Monday the program Xuxa Meneghel, the host issued a crucified image of Christ and saw him light a fervent discussion among his followers on Facebook. The main point of “debate” It was the absence of a cross behind Jesus — he “floated” on a white wall, second Xuxa. As evangelicals reject the use of the cross, saying it was a humiliation for Christ, It was in the air the suspicion that Xuxa had changed his religion. So, while comments decayed to plummet, entitled to exchange of insults between users, presenter decided to position, warning that remains Catholic – despite the Record.

“He's no cross… In this image, it floats as if ascending to heaven… crosses, you are talking about something that is not even in the picture… Everyone knows I'm Catholic, sorry, I did not want a discussion, but I respect those who do not want to see cross…”, he wrote Xuxa. “I'm Catholic, my mother is evangelical.. And Luciano is Jewish… Unprejudiced, No judgement”, He continued at another time presenter, still tried to teach followers to enjoy the arts. “But look again the work of art.. He is levitating.”

One of the tables in Xuxa program on Record, inclusive, will result from the interaction of the host with the fans on the Internet. Xuxa has come to ask for your Facebook followers tell stories about their lives and spend their addresses – no program, it will appear by surprise in the house of some fans and pass on what they told in social networks. The Xuxa Meneghel program will be screened live, every Monday. The program combines the characteristics of talk show, talk shows and reality. In one of the pictures, the host will have space even to discuss sex, fertile ground for monkeys.

Source: Veja.com

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