"As they needed, ALE reached out ', says Joshua

ALE held resource transfers to other organs in 2009, 2011 e 2013.
04/08/2015 23h48 - Updated 9/04/2016 12h14
Photo: Alberto Cesar Araujo / ALE-AM

The issue of budget percentage 0,25% the Amazonas Legislative Assembly (hazard) It looks like it will still yield much cloth to manga. The chairman of the House, Mr Joshua Neto (PSD) said, on Tuesday (4), the first post parliamentary recess session, waiting of other state bodies, including the Amazon Court (TJAM), a “same kind” with the ALE met the resource transfer requests when these institutions needed in the years 2009, 2011 e 2013.

The share of the budget, which corresponds to approximately R $ 18 millions, It was loaned to the Amazon Court (TJAM) and taken up by the legislature in recent changes in the law of the State Budget Guidelines. For Members, resources were not being applied in the restructuring of 1st degree counties, that was what motivated the percentage of transfer. This was not the first time that the ALE transferred resources to the judiciary. The situation worsened after the TJAM decided to increase the number of judges of that Power.

In his speech, President also said that the House is experiencing budget difficulties, and it will make a reorganization expenses, starting with an optimization of expenses, as the unification of visits by technical commissions to the State.

“The Legislative Assembly today with the drop in revenue, and diminish the duodecime has struggled to make investments novoss, but we have some prioritizing areas, how to honor the salaries of our servers, meeting the basic services with suppliers and give deputies the minimum required to develop a working height of the Amazon people deserve. I hope that our dialogue with the executive power, judiciary and other institutions, can succeed. By the time the other Amazonian institutions needed the extended hand of the Assembly of the 20009, 2011 e 2013 the Legislative Assembly reached out. Now we who we are in need of this act of kindness”, said.

The change was approved in LDO ALE and sent for analysis and sanction of the Governor Jose Melo (PROS), which can also veto the change.

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