Fearing decides to leave political articulation between government and Congress

Vice president did not set the release date of the political articulation
22/08/2015 13h30 - Updated 22/08/2015 13h30
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Vice President Michel Temer will leave the government's political coordination with Congress. Bored with the lack of compliance with agreements and the “parallel linkage” promoted at the Presidential Palace without notice, Fear only now evaluates the best time for such landings are not seen as another factor of instability, in the wake of the crisis caused after the complaint against the mayor, Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ).

“I have performed my role in relation to fiscal adjustment and now I will dedicate myself to macropolitics”, said the vice president, who heads the PMDB, the leading allies in Congress.

Fearing talked yesterday with Cunha, in Sao Paulo. Accused of crimes of corruption and money laundering by the Attorney General, the mayor told the deputy that he should “get out” the fastest possible joint, because the house will become increasingly ungovernable.

Cunha warned, still, not resign and will defend “with vigor” the disruption of the PMDB with the government Dilma Rousseff. Not surprisingly: days before being terminated, Wedge had said to Fear and government leaders who would not fall alone.

Fear not set the departure date of the political articulation, but already confided to friends that work has “expiration date”, after four months in this task. In the last days, however, several factors have contributed to strengthen your decision.

Presidents do PMDB, Vice was annoyed with “slanted eyes” of PT, after saying that the country needed someone with the ability to “reunify all”.

The appeal to avoid the pump agenda, increasing government spending, It was interpreted by some weight PT as an attempt to get Temer role at a time when President Dilma Rousseff faces threats of impeachment.

The deputy arrived to put the resignation to. Dilma did not accept. In breakfast with former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, PMDB ministers and parliamentarians, recently, Fearing showed outrage over comments that appeared on for Dilma. “I'm not a man to act to sorrelfa”, he said, adding that not withdrawing a single word you said.

in Plateau, Fear and the holder of Civil Aviation, Eliseu Padilha, his right arm, face problems with the chief minister of the Civil House, Mercadante. Occupying today's office of Institutional Relations Secretariat, since April is linked to the Vice-Presidency, Padilha is responsible for

negotiating positions and amendments with Congress. But will this joint, dedicated exclusively to your folder.

The Minister is dissatisfied considering that has been sabotaged by the PT and was even more angry after being unauthorized by the Minister of Finance, Joaquim Levy. The last crisis occurred because Padilha promised Allied leaders to release R $ 500 million for the payment of parliamentary amendments. Last hour, however, Levy banned disbursement.

Fear also fell out with the Minister of Finance, on Wednesday, after trying new agreement to benefit the transport sector in the project that reviewed the payroll tax relief companies. It was the last stage of fiscal adjustment.

Levy said Temer, irritably, it would not make more concessions because, otherwise, would be better “lose everything at once”. To fear, returned, sardonically: “I understand your position. The government loses, the government falls, and we will go away at once”.

On the same day, at night, Minister of Social Communication, Edinho Silva, Fearing sought and Padilha, in an attempt to undo the malaise. Apparently, did not work.

The vice president was also upset at not being called for Dilma to meeting the Alvorada Palace, not Sunday, after street demonstrations against the government.

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