Dengue vaccine may be available in 2018, Health Minister Says

The minister said he expected search results.
13/08/2015 11h08 - Updated 13/08/2015 11h08
Photo: Joseph Cross / Agency Brazil

Health Minister, Arthur Chioro, he said today (13) the dengue vaccine may be available in 2018 no country, "If all goes well in the research scientists are doing". According to him, government awaiting the development of a vaccine that is safe for people. Chioro reported that the Instituto Butantan, in Sao Paulo, and the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Manguinhos, in Rio de Janeiro, are the two poles that Brazilians are investigating the vaccine advanced way.

"There is no immediate expectation. And I insist, if all goes well in the polls. Because vaccination against viral disease, and, in the case of Dengue, against four different serotypes, we'll have to wait for a breakthrough and if we can [that] has no doubt that the government, the Ministry of Health will bring another vaccine for Brazilians ", he added.

Second or minister, Brazil relies on the 14 vaccines recommended by the World Health Organization, and HPV vaccines, Hepatitis A, diphtheria and acellular tetanus for pregnant women were the last to be incorporated into the immunization schedule.

Source: Agency Brazil

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