Afonso Lobo explains bill that makes changes to Amazonprev

The change in the project will not result in increased pension contributions of civil servants.
08/09/2015 16h58 - Updated 8/09/2015 16h59
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The state deputies received, on Tuesday (8), in the Meeting Room of the Presidency of Amazonas Legislative Assembly (hazard), Secretary of Finance, Afonso Lobo, and the CEO of Amazon Social Security Fund (Amazonprev), Fabio Garcia, for clarification of the project increases 11% for 22% the share of state contribution to the Fund. After meeting the President of the House, Mr Joshua Neto (PSD), He reported that the project could be voted on Thursday (10).

According to Joshua Neto, the doubts of Members were informed at the meeting and the proposed change in the project will not result in increased pension contributions of civil servants. He explained that the law will last one year, September 2015 to September 2016. "The main question of the deputies was on the deadline, why the change lasts a year, and as to whether there will be damage to the civil service. All this was explained and there will be no damage to the servers ", he said.

The secretary Afonso Lobo said the change is a measure of prevention, and aims to prevent losses and guarantee the income of retired employees. According to him, one of the funds that make up the Social Security System of the State - made up of two funds, financial and social security - is a deficit, and increase the share paid by the Executive aims to reduce this difference. "On Own Regime, the Social Security Fund is a surplus, but the Financial Fund has a deficit problem, and what we are doing is raising the rate of employer's executive branch to reduce the deficit, so the server has more guaranteed to receive their retirement pensions ", said.

Wolf said that the measure aims to change the limit in personnel expenses due to the Fiscal Responsibility Law (LRF), and that the Amazon is still having problems with the limit established by the LRF. "The Amazon is one of the five Brazilian states has been fulfilling the Responsibility Law. The 27 Federation Units, 22 They are in trouble. The state at this moment is not yet in trouble. We do not know with the deepening crisis there may be some difficulty ", said.

According to the CEO of Amazonprev, Fabio Garcia, today the deficit of the Financial Fund is at least R $ 60 millions, result of a difference between what was being collected from servers and that the State had spared when the Social Security System was created. change, according to him, aims to mitigate this difference.

The government leader in the House, Mr David Almeida (PSD) said the proposal tramitará in Emergency Regime, with joint analysis of commissions, and will go to the vote in plenary until Thursday, as predicted by the president Joshua Neto. The project, of the Executive authorship, It was sent to Aleam on Wednesday (2)

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