After service in hotel, Dunga warns that Selection is no place for religion '

Coach condemned the visit of Pastor William Batista to the concentration of the team in the US.
17/09/2015 14h49 - Updated 17/09/2015 14h49
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During the call of the national team for the first game of the South American qualifiers for the Cup 2018 this Thursday, coach Dunga commented on the presence of an evangelical pastor in the team's concentration during the last friendly in the United States. Dunga said the religious service held at the hotel selection was not authorized by CBF and that new demonstrations are banned: “We respect all religions, but selection is not the place of religious or political exposure.”

The confusion began when Pastor William Batista showed footage of his visit to Brazil in their profiles on social networks: he thanked the midfielder Kaka and defender David Luiz for the invitation and posed with almost all athletes. Another time, Batista took a picture next to Dunga, at an airport, and he wrote a caption that infuriated the coach: “breakfast with the boss here in Guarulhos.”

“I was in Sao Paulo, drinking coffee, and this guy asked me to take a picture as a fan, as I always do, no problem. Then I saw it posted as if I were his boss, would induce something. in the selection, always appear people wanting to take advantage of.” He explained that the cult took place during a time off of athletes, but the concentration should not have been used.

“Do not allow the service inside the hotel. We have a room where players can receive family or closest. (…) The minister was in this sector, but we do not agree. When I would do good, I need not disclose. We've talked with athletes and we exposed our thinking. I repeat: respect for all religions, but there is no time. We are representing our country and we have to focus on football.”

Dunga said the players have been warned and that their personal choices do not interfere in the call. “No influence at all. We look at the physical part, tactics and behavior. It is not because of a mistake that we cut off the head. If the error persists, then we have to take action.”


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