Commission approves definition of family as a union between man and woman

The committee adopted the report by 17 the votes and 5 contrary.
25/09/2015 10h05 - Updated 25/09/2015 10h05
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In meeting tumultuous, the special committee discussing the status of the family in the House of Representatives approved on Thursday (24) the main text design, which defines family as a union between man and woman. The committee adopted the report by 17 the votes and 5 contrary, but four highlights the text must still be approved.

Members came to start the discussion of the highlights, but the vote in plenary, chaired by Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ), They started.

According to the bylaws of the House, no commission can vote projects and highlights both the plenary. Like this, the highlights should be considered in a forthcoming meeting.

After completion of the vote, the rule is that the project proceed to the Senate without a vote by the House plenary. Members may, However, appeal to request that the text be voted by the House before going to the Senate. Mrs Erika Kokay (PT-DF), against the project, already said that it will.

After the meeting which approved the Statute of the Family, MEPs favor the definition of family as a heterosexual union got together for a photo and celebrated the approval of the project.

The opinion of the rapporteur of the bill establishing the Statute of the Family, Congressman Diego Garcia (PHS-PR), defines the family as a union between man and woman through marriage or common-law marriage, or the community formed by either parent with children.

The text provides for the family rights and guidelines of public policies to meet the family unit in areas such as health, security and education. Authored by Mr Anderson Ferreira (PR-PE), the proposal is being processed in the house from 2013.

Early in the session, even before lawmakers begin to discuss the draft text, Mrs Erika Kokay (PT-DF) said the project “institutionalises prejudice and discrimination”.

Mr Takayama (PSC-PR) Mrs interrupted and shouted that “man with man does not generate” e “woman with woman does not generate”. Then, Protesters opposed to the project countered: “It does not generate, but creates”.

Later, Mrs Maria do Rosário (PT-RS) He criticized the text of the rapporteur. She said that “gives disgust” read the text and stated that the deputy used only religious precepts in his report. “Its opinion is bad. And I think the House of Representatives is better than this”, he said.

Mr Bacelar (PTN-BA) He argued that homosexuals are entitled to equal protection of families composed of heterosexual couples.

“What country is this? What is this society that we are building? Would be easier, perhaps, replace the Constitution by the Bible”, quipped.

Or text, second Bacelar, It represents a setback for the Brazilian society. “[The project] are excluding, punishing and discriminating family formed by a couple homoafetivo. It is fomenting intolerance. That's the result of this bill”, said.

On the other hand, Mr Evandro Gussi (PV-SP) He defended the Family Statute of the project. “We want all gay people have their rights guaranteed, but the Constitution said that the family deserves special protection, because it is the basis of society”, said.

Deputy Elizeu Dionizio (SD-MS) also defended the text of Diego Garcia and said, even with attempts to postpone the vote, supporters of the project would be victorious at the meeting of Thursday.

Members contrary to the text of the Statute of the Family presented requests to delay consideration of the text, but they were not approved.

One of these was the deputy parliamentary Glauber Braga (PSOL-RJ), who had to postpone the vote requirement for five sessions.

Braga accused the mayor, Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ), to delay the start of the session in plenary for the vote on the Status of Family still happen on Thursday in committee. From the moment the order of the day begins at the plenary of the House, commissions can not hold polls.

The first deputy chairman of the committee that the Statute of family debate is Mr Marco Feliciano (PSC-SP), known for his conservatism and uphold the "gay cure". He came to preside over the meeting of Thursday. The chairman is Mr Sosthenes Cavalcante (PSD/RJ).

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