Jiu-Jitsu Cup organized by FJJAM honors late Ajuricaba Mascarenhas

The event will be held in October.
09/09/2015 10h32 - Updated 9/09/2015 10h32
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In the days 17 e 18 of October, the Amadeu Teixeira Arena, In Manaus, receives the 1st Cup Ajuricaba Mascarenhas Jiu-Jitsu. The competition organized by the Federation of Jiu-Jitsu Amazon (FJJAM) pays tribute to the late master Ajuricaba, who died on 24 May this year, victim of a heart attack.

According to league organizer, Elvys Damasceno, competition enters the official calendar entity competitions and account points to the state ranking that defines the best of the year. Break, The event recognizes the Ajuricaba contribution to the development of local sport.

"The Ajuricaba Cup was unanimously approved by the board of the federation. It is a form of tribute to our eternal director of arbitration and black belt Roberval Caldas Mascarenhas, best known in the world of Fight Like Ajuricaba ", he emphasized Elvys, adding that the information on prices and deadlines for applications will be announced in the coming days.

Legend of the Amazon Sport
Ajuricaba left a legacy of achievements in Brazilian sport. He was swimming and water polo athlete, with several historical feats for the state in two modes.

In jujitsu, Ajuricaba received the black belt master Osvaldo Alves in Rio de Janeiro and was one of the first Amazonians to shine in national competitions. It was in the Marvelous City that he befriended André Pederneiras and spread with his fellow Academy New Union philosophy of social projects of the "gentle art". The concept revealed devoted fighters, as Victor Hugo Birth and Marcos Pacheco.

The Ajuricaba seed yield other fruits in the State. The city of Manacapuru, for example, He has become a reference in the sport thanks to the personal commitment of Ajuricaba. The "Land of Cirandas" left phenomena as Ronys Torres (ex-UFC) and Matthew Rudson (Game Fight-RJ), supercampeão world jiu-jitsu in the blue range and currently one of the best on the planet in purple. The world also surrendered to master and there are now branches of Mascarenhas Team Europe.

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