Deputy to report back “poor working conditions” Mining in Taboca

Dermilson Chagas alert to possible environmental damage and risk the lives of workers.
15/09/2015 13h37 - Updated 15/09/2015 13h39
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State Representative Dermilson Chagas (PDT) He returned to report in plenary Ruy Araújo, the Amazonas Legislative Assembly (hazard), the poor working conditions of Taboca Mining, Mina explores to do Pitinga, in Presidente Figueiredo (a 117 kilometers from Manaus).

This time the parliamentary showed mining dam images that are committed to the structure. "If there is a disruption in the mining of the dam will damage the environment and jeopardize the lives of more than 2 thousand people working in the mine ", said.

Another relevant factor, Dermilson as Chagas, is that being the generating mining of your own energy, if there is a disruption in its structure will harm workers and their families who live in Vila do Pitinga, including lack of energy.

A site visit to the Pitinga mine is being proposed by the deputy to the members of the standing committees of the Legislative Assembly, Labor and Welfare, which presides, and the Environment. "We need to check this to prevent more accidents from happening, the example of what happened last week ", mentioned.

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