MPs vote this week text amending the Disarmament Statute

currently, the effectiveness of the law is questioned by parliamentarians.
14/09/2015 09h37 - Updated 14/09/2015 09h37
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In four days, Members may decide to change or not the rules laid down in the current Disarmament Statute (lei 10.826). Created ago 12 years, the status, period not 2003 a 2014, It resulted in the withdrawal of more than 130 no country thousand weapons. A proposal, in season, It was to adopt a measure to reduce the number of homicides. Today, many lawmakers question the effectiveness of the law.

In 2012, Mr Rogerio Mendonca Peninha (PMDB-SC) He was the author of a proposal (PL 3.722/12) revoking the status. The text has advanced this year, when a special committee was established to review the rules. Last week, the rapporteur of PL, Deputy Laudívio Carvalho (PMDB-MG), presented substitute to what was proposed by Peninha. Oak receded in many places, resuming forecasts status, as the amount of ammunition allowed per year and created keeping requirements for commerce eat firearms, munic es and rivers access. On the other hand, made controversial changes, reducing, for example, the minimum age required to purchase weapons, from 25 for 21 years.

"As Congress can approve the reduction of the age and a person with 21 years continue without being able to buy a gun? This is an inconsistency ", he said. Are points such that promise to heat the voting session, scheduled for the next day 17. At the meeting it was presented the opinion, the division of opinion had already been clear, and a request for examination postponed the decision on the text, if approved, goes to the plenum chamber for later be examined by the Senate.

Congressman Alessandro Molon (PT-RJ), which was contrary to the reduction of legal age, follows the same line in relation to limit the change to the access to weapons. The congressman cites other parts of the text, according to him, They should be rejected in their entirety, as the expansion of the right to port to other categories, than those provided for by statute. The rapporteur has included in the list of categories entitled to size, MEPs, senators, traffic officers, retired police and the armed forces and the judiciary servers, among other professionals.

"He [the rapporteur] It allows firearms license for a number of categories, including the taxi drivers. It is greater risk to themselves cabbies, either because the traffic there is usually conflict, either because they are seen as easy targets for thieves who want to steal weapons. It is irresponsible ", said Molon.

For him, the proposal "is worrying" because it creates conditions for a larger number of people have access to weapon, "Increasing the risk to society". Like-minded, Congressman Ivan Valente (PSOL-SP) He said the easing of status "is a way of saying that we want a war on civil society". according to Valente, the movement for repeal of the current law is the result of the national arms industry pressure. It is a violation of the culture of peace ", completed.

The rapporteur responded Laudívio Carvalho, ensuring that the opinion does not have this objective. "We are not arming the population, We are returning to citizens the right to defense from the moment that the state has no jurisdiction to ensure the security ", he defended, highlighting surveys that show the occurrence of more than 50 thousand deaths annually by firearms, "That are not caused by good citizens".

Registration and carriage
Target also critical, the point of the substitute that deals with the registration and possession of weapons makes a significant change from the current standards. While the statute states that the validity of these two certificates is three years, and repeating the required periodic tests to be renewed, Carvalho sets, in your text, that the registration of firearms will be done only once. For the rapporteur, the document equivalent to a property title with national validity and, that is why, "I would not have felt a perio tip renovation". The registration entitles only to have the gun in the house or on the outskirts of rural properties and dependencies.

The rapporteur recalled that even with unlimited validity, "Registration can be revoked if the citizen commits any unlawful. This is an incentive to take the weapons of lawlessness, because a person who has to leave, for example, of an estate to renew the registration just not going ", he said.

The validity of gun possession, according to the opinion, It passes from the current three years to ten years. Carvalho guaranteed that, even with these changes, text hardens current law. The Parliament's argument is that, while maintaining the requirement of examinations provided for in the Statute of Disarmament to grant registration and carriage, it included new obrigatoriedades, in possession case. "I stiffened the law. The current status, to have the registration and carriage, you need to undergo tests. Now, you do once. On the report, maintain the requirement for size and add a mandatory course capacitac to the specified is, with Durac to the nima mi ten hours and pass practical test ", said. not appear, Carvalho suggests that gun registration is always free, to make the initiative more attractive and increase control.

The explanations did not convince parliamentarians, who prefer the Disarmament Statute maintenance. Both the extension of the deadline for size as the perpetuation of the record difficult control over how and what weapons are who are in Brazil. [The validity of three years provided for in statute] It is a way to know how many and which weapons were stolen ", evaluated Alessandro Molon.

Molon defended the total rejection of the text, but admits that there are chances of the proposal is approved by the commission. "But, in plenary, My expectation is to be rejected. If it is to change the status, It has to be to make it more rigid ", he defended.

Ammunition and weapons
In the original text submitted to revoke the Disarmament Statute, Carvalho backed the change in the number of allowed weapons. While the author of the bill suggested that the amount spent to ten per citizen, the rapporteur considered that six firearms, as provided by mandatory law, that's enough. In this relationship you can have two size handguns, two long arms rayed soul and two long guns smooth-bore.

Tambe m was mantidao mean annual number of ximo 50 cartridges for each permitted use of firearm, except for the scar activities and target shooting by collectors, marksmen and scar adores and for use directly in stands, agremiac or to CAC, schools and businesses shooting instruction to the shooting.

"Congressman Peninha proposed change to 50 ammunition per month. I'm keeping 50 ammunition a year because it is enough, even with the argument of people who advocate more so they can train. The training has to be done in schools and not shot in a property ", he said.

Carvalho kept the requirements for the concessa the size and created categories of weapons in place of the classifications specified by weapon is. In this case, if the Citizenship has the size to Category handguns to repeat to the, he will be able to carry a revo lver in Gauges 38, 32 or 22. If enabled for more than one category, all will have to be described at the Porte Certificate of Registration of Firearms.

The rapporteur recalled that the current typifications related crimes were stored and suggested the worsening of some feathers. "I want to take the underground one that was pushed by the current status and that the law is heavy. Do not loosen the law, on the contrary", he said, when comparing the minimum sentence for illegal possession of weapons - ranging from 1 e 3 years, from 2 a 4 years and, depending on the practical circumstances, from 12 a 20 years, according to the substitute.

Source: Agency Brazil

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