Company safety equipment announces installation in the Industrial Pole

Company is a world leader in the field and start production bulletproof vest.
14/09/2015 17h25 - Updated 15/09/2015 02h34
CBB representatives at a meeting with Governor Jose Melo on Monday (14). (Photo: Michael Dantas)

The Ballistic Group Brazil (GBB), world leader in ballistics segment and bulletproof vest, will install its first Brazilian factory in the Industrial Pole of Manaus (PIM). The announcement of the management of the company was made at a meeting with Governor José Melo on Monday, 14 of September. With initial investments designed in 3 millions of euros, the multinational Bulgaria should start its activities with the production of bulletproof vest and stab wounds.

During a meeting in the State Government of headquarters, in the neighborhood of Compensates II, west of Manaus, José Melo said the tax advantages and legal certainty for the coming companies to the Manaus Free Trade Zone and spoke of the importance of the installation of the new segment to the diversification of Amazonas industrial park. "We are very happy. We already had information about the company's technology in the protection and will, therefore, very good for the Industrial Pole of Manaus and all of us the coming of the company, that will generate more jobs in the city ", he said.

The Secretary of State for Planning, Economic development, science and technology (Seplanct) will provide institutional support and clarification of the procedures for installing the business group. With the implementation, the expectation is that there is reduction in the price of products related to safety and protection of military and civilian police.

Segundo o presidente do GBB, Plamen Tashkov, the factory should begin operations in two months. In addition to meeting the domestic market, selling to the civil police, military, federal, the military and security institutions, exports is also one of the goals. "It will be our first plant in Brazil and chose Manaus due to the Free Trade Zone. This will facilitate the importation of inputs for the production of ballistic material ', said.

With the installation of the company, one Ballistic Test Center should be mounted in Manaus to serve customers in Brazil and throughout Latin America. "We believe this ballistics center is extremely important for the national demand. You can assist the Ministry of Defense ", scored Tashkov.

The meeting between the Governor José Melo and the direction of the multinational, also attended by the Consul of Bulgaria in Brazil, João Gilberto Vaz, and the Public Security Secretary of the Amazon, Sergio Fontes. The agenda of GBB products is to highlight the development of ballistic systems, bulletproof vest and stab wounds, armored plates, helmets and accessories such as bags and cases for weapons.

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