Clerks and researchers from civil police fighting for better working conditions

acquired diseases due to the working conditions are some of the problems of the servers.
24/09/2015 14h09 - Updated 24/09/2015 14h09
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Repetitive Stress Injuries, improper handling of materials seized (drugs, guns and bladed weapons used in crimes), direct contact with diseased prisoners, Removal by stress, anxiety and psychiatric problems, occupational diseases caused by lack of ergonomic furniture. These and other problems affecting the servers of the State Civil Police, according to the report of the Union of Actuaries and Researchers of the Amazon Civil Police (Sindeipol).

This Thursday, 24 September, an entourage of Sindeipol met with State Representative Alessandra Campêlo (PCdoB) to report problems and seek solutions with the Legislature.

"Civil Police Servers are developing their activities in unsanitary conditions. The situation is bad in the capital and even more alarming inside, where police stations are abandoned and the servers work amid feces of rats and bats ", denunciou o presidente do Sindeipol, Rômulo Valente.

For Mrs Alessandra, the support of the Assembly is important to guarantee the rights of workers.

"You have to make a specific state law, based, Clear, the federal law, but guaranteeing the civil police the right to look after your health, the right to be able to withdraw from their work to take an exam, um check up. Besides that, the State Government needs to move forward on the issue of infrastructure of police stations in the capital and countryside ", commented Alessandra, which is also civil police concursada.

according to Romulus, the inland stations are currently the most in need of infrastructure and staff. Excess justice of prisoners also undermines the work of the servers and services to the population.

"In addition to the bad infrastructure, personal foul. In this way, the investigator and the scribe end up playing the role of jailer, caring for justice arrested. Another problem is that does not have cell for woman, are men and women all together ", He criticized the union.

Romulus articulates with Mrs Alessandra creating specific legislation to ensure better working conditions; periodicity of medical examinations every six months or a year, without bringing prejudice to the server; plus resting time scheduling in each procedure performed. PC servers also advocate the improvement of the physical infrastructure of police stations, with the acquisition of new air conditioners, drinking fountains, computers, chairs and room for rest.

Second or union, Civil Police currently has a staff of 2.440 public employees, beyond commissioned and temporary.

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