Study shows that pill is 100% effective against HIV

Scientists have shown that Truvada pill can be the new "vaccine" against the disease.
08/09/2015 17h20 - Updated 8/09/2015 17h22
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Scientists have shown that Truvada pill, one antiretroviral used for users to protect themselves from HIV, It may be the new "vaccine" against the disease.

Researchers at Kaiser Permanente insurance company, In the USA, observed 657 gay or bisexual men who took the drug for two and a half years.

According to the study, all patients had high rates of sexually transmitted infections. Besides that, some have used injection drugs or decreased condom use during treatment.

Even so, according to the survey, There were no new HIV infections among participants of the group. However, they contracted other STDs, like chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis.

"This is a very reassuring given", And Jonathan said. people, author of the study, ao New York Times. “He claims that the pill works even in a high-risk population ".

It is noteworthy that observational studies like this are not considered scientifically rigorous. Clinical trials in which participants receive placebo randomly are more conclusive.

Besides that, the study did blood tests on patients to make sure they were taking Truvada regularly. After all, it is highly effective in preventing infection only when participants take all or most daily capsules.

The Truvada is known as a pre-exposure prophylaxis of HIV. It was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), body similar to the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA), in 2012.

It works as follows: when the individual is exposed to the virus, two antiretroviral drugs, chamados de e tenofovir emtricitabine, that they are within the pill, act for HIV does not become a permanent infection.

Although approved, Truvada was criticized by society. Many believed that the pill could give a false sense of security.

However, a study published in December 2013 He revealed that, actually, individuals using the drug tend to practice safer sex.


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