Doctor Thomas Foundation offers free pilates classes for seniors

The activity takes place twice a week, for free, the Municipal Park of the Elderly.
14/09/2015 11h53 - Updated 15/09/2015 10h18
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The Manaus Prefecture is offering, by Foundation Doctor Thomas (FDT), Pilates classes for seniors. The activity takes place twice a week, for free, the Municipal Park of the Elderly (SMEs), classes in the afternoon hours, 13h to 16h, and morning, from 7 am to 11 am. For a while, there are places just for the afternoon classes. They can apply any persons who are denizens of the Park and have independent movements.

Lasting 50 minutes, classes have better physical and psychological health of many elderly regulars PMI. The movements in the activity provide the body fortification in an integrated manner. In addition to improve breathing, body balance, motor coordination, muscle strength and a number of other functions in the body, It reduces stress and provides relaxation.

The teacher pilates and sports guiding PMI, Halia Moreira, He pointed out that the biggest change for the elderly is body awareness: "We really aim at the issue of exercises that can help in everyday life of the elderly. For example, many of them have trouble getting out of bed, they do not have forces in the arms or legs. We worked hard this force and, with time, We realized that it increases, improving even walk the elderly, the rise and fall of the stairs and posture ", he explained.

Incorrect posture prevents the proper breathing, tenses the muscles and ligaments and can affect the joints of the spine, as, over time, by aging account, joint mobility will lose it, which causes various pains. Pilates helps to decrease and, In so many cases, even eliminate these pains.

The chief executive of the Foundation Doctor Thomas, Martha Cruz, also pointed out that Pilates comes to improving the self-esteem of the elderly. "There are reports of elderly people with osteoporosis, for example, that with pilates feel better. The practice is not only important to help those who already have a disease, but also to prevent the process those who have not developed ", said.

"Ten years ago I found out I had two hernias. So, the doctor advised me to do pilates. That's when I looked for lessons and good changes came. One of my hernias disappeared. Today I live well. I have a lot of energy, all I want to do, I do", Ferreiro said Joaquina Brito, 67, frequenter PMI.

Maria Elisa Souto, 65, He decided to do pilates at will, for prevention, and he said he feels his body better and better with classes. "I felt a lot of pain, living doing physical therapy, but when I started to do Pilates, but, now, the pains stopped. I do not feel anything. Here we learn to breathe, a mexermos, to become more flexible. Are many benefits, even emotional. Sometimes you're wrong and comes to the park, It makes the class and leave here lighter ", said. More information about the activity can be obtained by calling 3584-5713.

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