Founder of PT, Bicudo asks impeachment Dilma

He filed a request for impeachment in Congress.
01/09/2015 13h35 - Updated 1/09/2015 13h35
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The jurist Bicudo, one of the founders of the PT, He joined Tuesday with impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff in Congress. Broken with the party since the outbreak of the monthly allowance scandal, in 2005, Weevil concluded a petition pointing to “moral crisis” no country, says that Operation Lava Jato revealed a “misfortune” Petrobras and gives evidence of impeachable offenses allegedly committed by Dilma, such as tax pedaling, and for not having fired subordinates involved in petrolão and eletrolão. Ess is the 14th order preventing the President presented to the House. Weevil just chose the day the presidents of the Brazilian Press Association (HELP) and the Bar Association of Brazil (OAB) They presented, in 1992, the impeachment of Fernando Collor de Mello.

“Our request is legal, It is based on the law. It's a different order and have chances, legally speaking, to be approved”, said the lawyer Janaina Paschoal, signing the document next to the jurist.

“In the House of Representatives pray that put an end to this situation, authorizing the President of the Republic to be processed by the crimes perpetrated, heading up, consequently, the case to the Senate, which will be judged for, at end, be sentenced to loss of mandate, and disqualification to exercise public office for a period of eight years, in terms of Clause 52, single paragraph, of the Federal Constitution. This is what is required now!”, says.

Weevil suggests that they are heard as witnesses of torts central characters petrolão as former directors of Paulo Roberto Costa Petrobras and Nestor Cervero, the money changer Alberto Youssef, the contractor Ricardo Pessoa and lobbyist Milton Pascowitch. The petition is also signed by Professor of Law Janaina Conception Paschoal, the University of São Paulo (USP). They cite the document section of the whistleblower award Youssef, revealed by SEE, where the money changer maintains that Lula and Dilma “They knew all” in petrolão scheme.

The lawyer argues that President Dilma must be processed by malice and not just negligent way, as understand other jurists, “because the reiteration of facts, its magnitude and the adopted behavior, even after informed by several sources, They are not compatible with mere negligence, standing in front of a real continuity delitiva”. “Impossible to believe that the President did not know what was going on around him”, says.

“In the light of current legislation, it is understood that the President attempted against the administrative probity, first, by “not make effective the responsibility of his subordinates” e, in second place, by “proceed in a manner inconsistent with the dignity, the honor and decorum of office”.

Weevil lists thirty pages in a number of irregularities discovered by Lava Jato and maladministration, as the purchase of the Pasadena Refinery, when Rousseff was the State Council. He cites the decision of the Superior Electoral Court to reassess the campaign accounts 2014 and notes the Union's Court of Auditors on violations of the Fiscal Responsibility Law.

“A President, who always presented himself as valuable economist, personally responsible for public finances, failed to account borrowings of public financial institutions (Caixa Economica Federal and Banco do Brazil), counteracting, at one time, the prohibition of such loans and the duty of transparency regarding the financial situation of the country. In short, there was a deliberately targeted makeup to go to the nation (and also to international investors) the feeling that Brazil would be economically healthy and, therefore, would be able to keep programs for the most vulnerable classes”, the document says. “The expedient known for cycling would be more than enough to promote the prevention of president. However, the succession of scandals and behavior by it repeatedly adopted reveal deceit, embodied in the adoption, no minimum, Call willful blindness.”

He also questions the lack of transparency in contracts signed by BNDES to finance works in countries like Cuba and Angola, by Brazilian contractors involved in Lava Jato. According to the former PT, Dilma's insistence on maintaining the secrecy of the operations “It infers that she knew the sophisticatedly designed scheme to drain the country's resources, all in order to perpetuate their group in power”.

Retired Justice attorney, function in which fought the crimes committed by the military dictatorship in Death Squadron, and former president of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights also protested against the former president Lula and says he always acted on behalf of Odebrecht abroad. He points out that Lula and Dilma say never disassociated from each other, which highlights the influence of Lula at the Planalto Palace. “The intimate relationship between the exposed and Lula and between it and the main contractor involved in the scheme, It indicates that the President always knew. Even if it were not so, probity would be left injured by his condescending behavior towards those who were (and remain) achieved by Lava jet and its consequences.”

“For many years, all Brazilians were fobbed off with the speech that Lula would be a real promoter of Brazil, no exterior, a propagandist who was prospecting business for domestic enterprises. However, as they were unfolding the findings of Lava Jato, left clear that this whole scenario served, unique and exclusively, to bleed the public coffers. Lava Jato threw light on the promiscuous relationship between Lula and regarded the largest contractor involved in scandal, whose president has been arrested. There is no denying that the former president became true operator of contractor, intermediating their business with public agencies, in exchange for millionaires payments for alleged talks, among other economic advantages”.

Weevil also fighting the fallacious noised speech by Lula and the PT, who insist on classifying the investigation as an ongoing blow to harm Petrobras and persecution orchestrated by the opposition and by the Brazilian elite against the party. “We are black and white, young and old, men and women of various sexual orientations, Northeastern and Southern, Brazilians are willing to rescue the honor that is left for this country. Tyrants that it seized built a division of speech, aiming to weaken us, to be perpetuarem.”


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