Igor Moreira and Nicolas Jr are the attractions of Happy Hour Shopping Ponta Negra

The show starts at 19h, this Thursday (24), on the food court.
23/09/2015 14h39 - Updated 23/09/2015 14h39
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The Happy Hour Shopping Ponta Negra promises to make the joy of backcountry fans and Popular Music Amazonense. This Thursday (24), the stage'Vitrine Cultural' receives the singer Igor Moreira, that will make a tribute to the duo Jorge e Mateus. Already on Friday (25), the sound will be under the command musician paraense Nicolas Jr, that will make a show with music copyright. The shows begin at 19h and take place in the Food Court, located on the third floor (L3).

Singer Igor Moreira reveals that 'Logo Eu', 'Calma', 'Enquanto There razões'e'Nocaute' are some of the double backlands of songs that will be part of the repertoire of his show. "Then I will make a mix of eclectic songs, as Caetano Veloso, Lulu Santos, Keith Urban and José Augusto ", said the musician, who has three-year career.

On Friday, the audience of the Happy Hour will be packed by songs written by the musician paraense Nicolas Jr. 'Libriana ', 'The Blind', 'Sailing Sailing', 'Flor de Araça', 'Brunette', 'Vazante' and 'Sunflowers' are some of them. "The audience can expect a lot of originality and good music", said the singer.

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