Registration for the entrance exam of UEA enclose Wednesday (30)

The tests will be held on 13, 14 e 15 from November.
28/09/2015 16h55 - Updated 28/09/2015 17h33
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Closed on Wednesday, 30 of September, the application deadline for 4.605 waves of the Vestibular System and Join Series (SIS) the University of the State of Amazonas (UEA). Vestibular the registration fee is $ 50 and SIS is R $ 40. Registration for the evidence of the Vestibular and SIS should be carried out exclusively on the website of UEA (

The announcements of the Vestibular and SIS 2015, access 2016, offer 4.605 vacancies, including vacancies for indigenous. For Vestibular, they are offered 2.745 vacancies, and 1.239 for a Capital, 1.380 to or inside and 126 vacancies for indigenous. Since the announcement of the SIS, features 1.860 vacancies, and 826 to capital and 920 into the State, Besides 114 vacancies for indigenous.

In this year, They will be offered four new courses: Technology Business Management (Interior), Surveying Technology (Capital), Technology in Biotechnology (Capital) Degree in Education and Regular Physical.

The tests will take place on the SIS 13 November and the Vestibular, in the days 14 e 15 from November. The tests will be held beginning at 13h (Manaus time). The Vestibular Admission Commission alert to the closing of the access gates to the test sites, imperatively, at 12.50, Manaus time.

In addition to the General Knowledge tests, candidates to Music courses, Dance and Theatre will also be submitted Proof Specific Skill, classificatory and eliminatory character. The event will be held at the School of Arts and Tourism (you are), located on the street Leonardo Malcher, 1.728, Square neighborhood 14, In Manaus, according to the dates and times available in the public notice.

The Specific Skill Test – trial – Course Theater and Proof Theory Musical Expertise – Music course will take place on 11 of October. Already Specific Skill Test – trial – of Dance and Music courses will take place on 18 of October, in time to be published on the website of UEA.

The candidate for the course Music, Dance and Theater must indicate a second course option, in the same area of ​​knowledge, the act of registration, that is not equal to the first course option and does not require proof Specific Skill. The candidate only run for the second option of course in the event of failure in the test Specific Skill.

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