lava Jato: executive arrested Engevix tried according to witness

Nephew negotiated making false documents for presentation to MP.
21/09/2015 10h35 - Updated 21/09/2015 10h35
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Arrested on Monday at the 19th stage of Lava Jato, executive Jose Antunes Sobrinho, one of the owners Engevix, He negotiated with the whistleblower Victor Colavitti the making of false documents to be presented to the prosecutor and justify bribery transfers to the company Aratec, singled out by researchers as the main product for illicit payments to the former president of Eletronuclear Othon Luiz Pinheiro da Silva, Vice Admiral of the Navy.

Colavitti is the company's controlling Link Project and admitted, after collaboration agreement with the prosecution, that transfers money to Aratec were made at the behest of Engevix. In a news conference on Monday, US Attorney Carlos Fernando Dos Santos Lima also said Sobrinho made a payment of bribes to January this year, when the vice president of the construction company, Gerson Almada, I was already in jail in Curitiba.

The Sobrinho fit the contracts relating to operations with Eletronuclear, while Almada was in charge of business involving the scandal petrolão. “mensalão, petrolão and eletrolão are related scandals. Behind them all is the same criminal organization that sought to buy political party support for support from the federal government”, said Santos Lima. Also according to the MP, it is suspected that the three schemes have originated in the Civil House during Lula's first term, when José Dirceu ran the folder.

The MP came to ask the arrest of the executive Engevix Cristiano Kok and CEO of Andrade Gutierrez Engineering, Gustavo Ribeiro de Andrade Botelho, but the judge denied the request Sergio Moro.

Wake up
“To preserve the then contracts in progress and the new business perspective, or declarant [Colavitti] He agreed to make such payments without further questioning; that to justify such payments were made some agreements between Engevix and Link and only a contract between Link and Aratec, This no value 400 thousand in 16 installments on 3 from May of 2010, which was being renovated informally”, says whistleblower stretch of Colavitti. In the scheme to justify the transfer of bribe, the Aratec simulated contracts 765.000 real with the Link between 2010 a 2014.

After being notified by the MP to present evidence that the money paid for the services Aratec was actually provided, Colavitti sought the executive Engevix for help. no day 20 July, on Avenida Faria Lima, in Sao Paulo, Antunes Sobrinho said “would find a way” and that “would solve this”. According to the version of whistleblower, the owner of the construction company told “not to worry because it would be able to formalize projects and documents, including by the Aratec, and that could sustain the regularity of payments”. No two documents fraud scheme, Antunes said would provide up 25 Link logo to simulate contracts and justify the transfer of money.

The executive Engevix is ​​already a defendant in proceedings Operation Lava Jet and now becomes part of a new focus of petrolão investigations by the bidding frustration suspected, money laundry, corruption and false documents. The 19th stage of Lava Jato stems from calculations involving the petrolão arm in the electricity sector, which confirmed that the construction companies Andrade Gutierrez and Engevix used companies as intermediaries of kickback transfers to the then president of Eletronuclear Othon Luiz Pinheiro da Silva. In triangulation for the payment of blood money, They were mainly simulated contracts for services with Aratec Engineering company, consulting & representations, which is of Othon Luiz property.

“no proof, Also in summary cognition, that Jose Antunes Sobrinho not only participated in the crimes, but, apparently, Engevix was in the main responsible for it. no proof, equally, that Cristiano Kok also have participated in the crimes, signing fraudulent contracts with the Link Project”, said Judge Sergio Moro.

According to the indictment, Engevix paid kickbacks in 29 opportunities to Aratec company between July 2010 and January 2015, sending near 1,5 million reais through Link Project and a portion of 30.000 actual directly to Aratec. “There is significant evidence, Summary of cognition, that all contracts for services between Andrade and businesses CG Consulting, JNobre e Deutschebras, and between these and the Engineering Aratec be simulated. The same applies to contracts for services between Engevix and Link Projects and between this and Aratec Engineering”, He said the judge Sergio Moro to justify the arrest of the owner of Engevix.

In testimony to the Federal Police, Jose Antunes Sobrinho admitted that the contracts between Engevix and Link Projects were fraudulent and aimed to provide transfers to Othon Luiz, but he denied that they were bribes. In his version, was money as “contribution” for the development of a turbine design. Judge Sergio Moro, however, challenged the view that the transfers would only be an unorthodox method to finance a seemingly legitimate project.

“Despite the admission of fraud by Jose Antunes Sobrinho, but not of kickbacks, It seems a little pointless to use fraudulent filing to make contributions to a supposedly legitimate project. Too little existing sense to hold the direct transfer of thirty thousand reais at Aratec covering up for it with a fraudulent invoice”, said the magistrate.


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