MP-AM clarifies need to investigate bidding for mototaxi

A group of 10 motorcycle taxis were received was received by prosecutors.
15/09/2015 10h54 - Updated 15/09/2015 10h55
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The Amazonas State Prosecutor (MP-AM) has received, at the end of Monday morning (14), a commission ten motorcycle taxi drivers chosen from a group of about 150 which held a demonstration in front of the agency's headquarters, Avenida Coronel Teixeira (Ancient road from Ponta Negra), West Zone of Manaus. The category expressed concern about the delay in the Public Competition for the motorcycle taxi service, suspend the Manaus City Hall, by recommendation of the 78th Prosecutor's Office Specializing in the Public Property Protection (78ª PRODEPPP). But, the public prosecutor Ronaldo Andrade, holder Prosecutor, He explained the need for the process to be carried out within the law.

The commission was received by the Attorney for Legal Affairs and Attorney General of Justice for legal substitution, Pedro Bezerra; the Attorney for Administrative Affairs, Jefferson Neves de Carvalho, and even by the public prosecutor Ronaldo Andrade.

The recommendation from the 78th PRODEPP to suspend the Public Bidding was made, last week, the Municipal Superintendence of Urban Transport (SMTU), who accepted. The public prosecutor found evidence of irregularities in the bidding. "We received a complaint from a group of motorcycle taxi drivers, composed, of them, by regularized and partly by people who said they were injured in the process. our duty, as MP, It is to investigate ", said Dr. Ronaldo Andrade, who said he took caution to install, first, an actual news, and then, no last day 31, a civilian inquiry.

The motorcycle taxi drivers commission was received in the plenary Ombudsman Antônio Alexandre P. Trinity. Out of ten who attended the meeting, five could talk to Pedro Bezerra doctors, Jefferson Carvalho and Ronaldo Andrade. "No one is forbidden to speak. selected here, only five, to synthesize and make objective meeting ", PGJ explained in exercise, Pedro Bezerra.

Dr. Pedro Bezerra said, still, that the prosecution was surprised by the appearance of the motorcycle taxi drivers. "We support the right to free expression, but we have made clear the need for a dialogue between the parties. having dialogue, will order, respect and, like this, we can come to a path. It is extremely important to say that prosecutors do not act under pressure ", said PGJ, before the motorcycle taxi drivers commission, beginning the meeting.

The motorcycle taxi drivers explanaram about the concern of the category with the delay in the second part of the bid, It is made by the City, and the lack of supervision of service from SMTU. They asked the MP-AM accelerate investigations relating to civil investigation and covering the SMTU to do the inspection service, because the actions of illegal harms. The five motorcycle taxi drivers apologized to members of the MP-AM and said that the demonstration took place by their desperation account, fighting, also, for the category rescue their dignity.

The public prosecutor Ronaldo Andrade said he will try, within what is possible, prioritize open civil investigation to investigate the bidding he recommended the suspended. "The prosecution can not, simply, close your eyes to a complaint received, in which it found evidence of irregularities, only by the fact that delay the bidding process. The law must be respected and is equal for all, both the protesters and to those who felt wronged and denounced the bidding process, including that have been approved ", he said.

The prosecutor explained that, at any time, MP-AM has been slow and said not understand this pressure category. The inquiry was launched just 14 days. "The first tender was opened in 2013, wherein the selected around Prefecture 1 thousand and 600 mototaxis. Before that, all were illegal. It was to be a bid that met over 3 thousand and the second phase going on for some time, and without supervision. Then the category comes knocking here on prosecutors to press on? Inspection service, in this sense, It is not our duty ", said Dr. Ronaldo Andrade, who said he will keep the term 190 days to complete the survey, but said streamline where possible.

Source: MP-AM

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