Odebrecht snitching rule: 'I have nothing to snitching’

In explaining why it would be against whistleblower, he appealed to the family.
01/09/2015 13h47 - Updated 1/09/2015 13h47
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The contractor Marcelo Odebrecht, President of the Odebrecht Group, He said Tuesday in testimony to the CPI Petrobras, in Curitiba, what “morally” It is against the whistleblower award Institute. He said the researchers themselves Operation Lava Jato offered him, when questioned, the possibility of closing a cooperation agreement in exchange for judicial benefits. In explaining why it would be against whistleblower, executive called the family.

“When I say 'who knows us recognize'. I do not get even the feet of those who succeeded. But a generation is only evaluated by the next generation. All my generation is doing will be measured after. My legacy will be measured by the generation after me. My legacy has moral values ​​of which never'll open hand. Among these values, from creation, when at home my girls had an argument or a fight and I said 'who did it?’, I might brigasse more who ratted than who made the facts”, said.

In sequence, Odebrecht, despite the closeness you have with politicians and leading businessmen of the country, He indicated that it would not have information to make a winning tipoff because it would have to admit crimes that claims not to have committed. “First someone snitching need to have that snitching. So I think that does not happen here. Second, comes the moral value”, said.

Unlike other deponents, which they were caused by Members, Marcelo Odebrecht was treated mildly by Petrobras CPI parliamentary. The executive made a Petrobras image defense and claimed that “processes are generating unnecessary wear” in state. “I think the country, as we all, we should take better care of Petrobras' image and employee pictures. The processes are generating unnecessary wear to Petrobras”, stated.

Although I had a habeas corpus which guaranteed him the right to remain silent in the CPI, Marcelo Odebrecht made general comments on issues that were not directly linked to the criminal action that is liable for corruption offenses, money laundering and criminal organization. In addition to declare in favor of corporate donations to political – Odebrecht is one of the largest donors to candidates – the executive said it is “and more than likely natural” maintain conversations with politicians on the state oil, including former President Lula, but he said he did not remember specifically any conversation.

The businessman denied that he had contemplated fleeing before the growth of the investigations against Odebrecht or act to empty the investigation and rejected reports that he, the strong political influence, could undermine Lula's former president or president Dilma. “We have to be very careful about speculation”, said.

Escorted by three policemen, Marcelo Odebrecht began to lay down their 11h34, He declined to comment on whether you think the fair prison and also considers Petrobras' investments wrong in the Pasadena refinery, no Texas. he preferred, However, assert that construction company Odebrecht will overcome the thump of investments caused by Operation Lava Jato. “I have absolute trust and confidence, for everything we have done and for all the support we are having, we will overcome. It will not be the first nor the last crisis. Crisis is something that nobody wants, but, When she comes, we have to take full advantage and come out of it stronger”, stated.

Odebrecht executives are accused of irregularities and payment of bribes in six contracts for works and services Petrobras: in Conpar consortium (Odebrecht, UTC Engenharia and OAS) who starred in the works Refinery Coke Portfolio President Getulio Vargas (Repar), in RNEST-Conest consortium (Odebrecht and OAS) the refinery Abreu e Lima (ON), the Pipe Rack consortium in the Petrochemical Complex of Rio de Janeiro (Comperj), in the TUC consortium Buildings (Odebrecht, UTC PPI – Industrial Plant Design Ltda.) for works of Steam and Power Generation Units in the Comperj, in OCCH consortium (Odebrecht, Camargo Correa e Hochtief do Brasil) Construction of the Petrobras headquarters building in Victoria and Petrobras naphtha supply agreement for Braskem, company controlled by Odebrecht.

Through international cooperation agreements, especially with the Swiss authorities, researchers of the task force that calculate the propinoduto tentacles Petrobras managed to map the direct operations of Odebrecht in 56 acts of corruption and 136 money laundering. According to researchers, the contractor acted in moving 389 million reais in corruption and 1,063 billion reais with money laundering. In a more sophisticated scheme than simply acting in cartel, the contractor distributed kickbacks from transfers to offshore companies and accounts, these, again sent the dirty money to secret bank accounts officers who held positions in key Petrobras, as the former directors Paulo Roberto Costa, Nestor Cervero and Renato Duque and former manager Peter Barusco.

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