gas stations already pass on increased fuel consumers

A gasoline will increase 6% and or diesel 4%.
30/09/2015 16h07 - Updated 1/10/2015 02h15
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On the morning of Wednesday (30), the union president of station owners São Paulo (Sincopetro), José Alberto Gouveia, He had said that the transfer was right and what should be done by the end of this week.

“The dealer will have to pass [or increase] because it has fat. Until Friday, certainly. You will not have to hold. For the owner of the station, the rising cost of fuel will be R $ 0,17 [per liter]. If the owner does not want to increase more, at least you will have to pass the cost”, said Gouveia.

On Tuesday, the oil company announced increases in selling prices of petrol and diesel in the refineries from 0h this Wednesday. The increase for gasoline is 6% e para o diesel, from 4%.

The increase comes at a time of crisis, in which the state has to deal with a growing debt, with the fall in oil prices and allegations of corruption.

Although international prices have fallen dramatically, the weakening of the real against the dollar this year means that prices at the pump in Brazil remain low, according to Reuters.

The increase may give greater impetus to the already high inflation in Brazil, that financial market economists predict that reach 9,5% in 2015.

earlier gains
In November 2014, Petrobras had already increased the selling price at the refineries of petrol and diesel, with increases of 3% e 5%, respectively. In January 2015, taxation levied on petrol and diesel was also high, or under presidential decree 8.395, not published “Official Diary of the Union”.

The increase was passed on to the consumer for gas stations. According to IRS, the impact of the increase would be $ 0,22 per liter for gasoline and R $ 0,15 for diesel or. however, the increase varied in different positions.

In August, Petrobras also announced increase in cooking gas price – liquefied petroleum gas for residential use, packaged in canisters up 13 kg (GLP P-13). The average high was announced 15%.

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