Mayor Arthur delivers more a day care center in the western zone

The nursery Gabriel Correa Pedrosa is located in Rio Xingu together.
28/09/2015 15h57 - Updated 28/09/2015 15h57
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The Mayor of Manaus, Arthur Virgilio Neto, delivered, in this Monday, 28, the 12th day care of his administration, and the second unit only in Compensates, City West area. The Municipal Creche Gabriel Correa Pedrosa is located in Rio Xingu together and have ability to care for 228 children.

According to the City Department of Education (semed), currently, the municipality has eight own nurseries and four conveniadas. The units serve more than 3,4 thousand children, from 1 a 3 years old. these, 1.860 They are full-time, who are the children of the maternal one and two.

"Each day care center that opened means education for children and employment opportunities for mothers who do not have with whom to leave their children", said the mayor. "Our desire is to do much more. Now, we must reverse a perverse equation. Today, to build a daycare center were funded half of the work and the Federal Government the other party. However, to keep this nursery, the city is responsible for 90% costing only 10% They come from federal funds. This is an evil with municipalities, who want to invest in new units, but they can not run over their budgets ", completed Arthur Neto.

The investment of the Federal Government in each built day care is $ 1,452 million, that is, the contribution of the municipalities should be R $ 1,435 million, half of the total amount is about R $ 2,8 millions.

By the end of 2015, the works of five kindergartens will be completed to be opened in the beginning of the school year 2016. And by the end of next year five will be delivered, totalizing 22 creches in Manaus. The daycare will be distributed in all geographic areas of Manaus and open spaces over two thousand children.

"To apply for one of the vacancies, Parents or guardians need to direct our Management Kindergartens, which is the secretariat headquarters, or go to the nearest unit of your home. After the registration is made a visit in the family home, because our target audience is low-income families that can not pay for this kind of service ", said the secretary of Semed, Katya Schweickardt.

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