OECD report reveals that Brazil “holds” water resources

Overconfidence in water reserves makes the country ignore waste.
03/09/2015 18h01 - Updated 3/09/2015 18h01
Photo: Agency Acre

Overconfidence in the Brazilian water reserves makes the country ignore the importance of a long-term strategy. That was the conclusion of Water Resources Governance report in Brazil, released last week 2 of September.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OCDE), in partnership with the National Water Agency (ANA), material analyzes the governance and allocation of Brazilian waters. It also brings paths to follow suggestions, based on existing structures and policies.

Second or text, the various plans of water resources, whether at the local or state level, often they fail to get off the ground. One of the obstacles is the “lack of money or limited monitoring and enforcement capacity”.

The OECD called for the unification of public bodies in the sense that there is policy coherence between sectors such as agriculture, energy, licensing environment, among others.

For the entity, Brazil needs to make a risk management, in view of the projected population growth, economic and climate change. currently, what happens is a crisis management.

As flagged in the study, water management should be seen as a strategic priority. The OECD suggests strengthening the power of national and state councils of water resources, and enhance coordination among different government sectors to greater coherence and policy consistency. It also recommends improving financial capacity and personnel of state-level institutions.

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