Finance Secretary is said unprepared to detail accounts of the City Hall

Lourival made the statement after being questioned by councilor.
30/09/2015 14h27 - Updated 30/09/2015 14h29
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"I did not come prepared for detailing". That was the response of the Secretary of Budget and Projects of the Municipal Finance, Information and Internal Control Technology (Semef), Lourival Beach, when asked by the teacher councilor Bibiano (PT) about the need for detailed accountability of City Hall during a public hearing at City Hall Manaus (CMM), to address the provision of executive accounts for the second quarter of 2015.

The position of the representative of the folder was criticized by Parliament during the plenary session on Wednesday (30). Due to the lack of transparency regarding the allocation of resources, Bibiano filed a request summoning the presence of the titular Secretary Semef, Ullysses Tapajós, to introduce simplified report detailing what has been effectively executed the Annual Budget Law (LOA) from 2015, until the month of August, stating the source of funds.

"It is absurd that the representative of the Finance Secretariat to tell unprepared to clarify the allocation of resources of the Municipality", He criticized the parliamentary. According to him, "The Executive has a duty to be accountable and this act should be done satisfactorily complying with the principles of lawfulness, impersonality, morality, publicity and efficiency established in the Constitution ".

According to the parliamentary, the public hearing, rather than clarify the municipal accounts, It gave rise to a series of questions, especially since there has been no clarification of what actually was performed in the Annual Budget Law (LOA) from 2015. They were provided for the realization of actions in several areas in the LOA 2015.

For the improvement of urban transport, LOA established, for example, construction and recovery 20 terminals; from 100 shelters at bus stops and three pedestrian bridges. In Education, there was also the prediction of building 20 primary schools and 16 Municipal Centers for Early Childhood Education (CMEI´s). "How do you know what effective has been done than is foreseen in the LOA is, the presentation made by the city, They were addressed only current revenues in a generic way without specifying the applications per area ", questioned.

In the document presented by the City, It is established as an Executive of the current revenue of R $ 2,447 billion, from January to August 2015. for Bibiano, it is a considerable amount and, although applied, bring numerous benefits to the population. He also states that the own Organic Law of the Municipality of Manaus (Loman) states that the mayor may be prosecuted and tried by the State Court of Justice in common crimes and responsibility in the case to prevent the examination of documents by the House and also breaches the approved budget for the financial year. "City Hall has to be transparent so as to ensure control by both the Town Hall and the population on the implementation of the budget which is not the City Hall but, of the people", finished.

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