ECA finds irregularities in the works of Avenida das Torres

These are environmental irregularities in the stretch 2 the work.
04/09/2015 19h42 - Updated 4/09/2015 19h42
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A technical visit to the surrounding Kapok State Park - urban conservation area with 51 hectares - to investigate the complaint formalized by Kapok Institute regarding the construction of the stretch 2 Avenue Towers (or Avenue of the Flowers) found irregularities in the works. inspection, occurred in the last the last day 31, It was made by technicians of the Department of Environmental Audit and the Board of External Control of Public Works and with the participation of counsel ombudsman's Amazonas State Court of Auditors (TCE-AM), Julio Pinheiro, and the Court of attorney Rui Marcelo Alencar, coordinator of environmental actions with prosecutors Accounts.

The irregularity, and has communicated to the authorities, No hurt federal environmental legislation 9.985/2000 (Law of the National Protected Areas System – SNUC) and even the state law nº 053/2007, governing the State System of Conservation Units (SEUC), and become negative pressure pockets, threatening the forest fragment there kept.

In the street 47 City New set, houses built on sloping terrain surrounding the Kapok Park today play wastewater open air in the park, and channel drains. Also buildings adjacent to the enclosure of the park and construction of cesspools have been identified.

It was evidenced by testimony from villagers that the land where the houses were built were sold by the Superintendency of Amazon Housing (Suhab) for at least 9 years.

the stretch 2 Avenue of the Flowers, which are being made earthwork continuing Avenue Towers, They were found several irregularities which contravened the environmental license no installation 055/14, granted by the Amazonas Environmental Protection Institute (Ipaam) Projects, and the guidelines of the State Department of the Environment (No perish 117/2014 - Ceuc). Among the main improprieties are found:

Earth movement without protective containment wall to the Kapok Park, causing collapse of part of the short wall and around the park;
Carrying of clay material into the park causing siltation of springs;
Pipes that make water drainage work, directed at Kapok Park;
Sewage and wastewater from the surrounding residences work diverted to the Kapok Park;
Deficiency in the management of municipal solid waste in the work;
Deficiency in the management of solid waste from construction;
Lack of containment / protection to prevent accidents / risk of collapse of the surrounding residences of work;
Still refer to the anthropogenic pressures on park it was also detected the presence of addicted trash with large amount of municipal solid waste decomposition

The irregularities pointed out by technicians will be formalized in the technical report Deamb / Dicop in TEC Ombudsman and Medium Coordination Environmental Accounts prosecutors, for instructional representations under the TEC. The irregularities were reported by the counselor Julio Pinheiro to the collegiate in the last regular court session, made no last day 2.

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