Drug trafficking is major cause of youth murders in the AM

Subject was discussed at the meeting of the Youth murder of CPI in the ALE-AM.
04/09/2015 18h59 - Updated 4/09/2015 18h59
Presiding Board Public Hearing of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) Senate in Amazonas Legislative Assembly to discuss youth murders in the Amazon. (Photo: Alberto Cesar Araujo / dice)

Drug trafficking was identified as the main cause of death of young people in the Amazon during the Public Hearing of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) of the Senate, that investigates the murder of young people in Brazil. The hearing took place on the morning of Friday (4) in plenary Ruy Araújo, the Amazonas Legislative Assembly (hazard), with the participation of the rapporteur of the CPI, Senator Lindbergh Farias (PT/RJ), and Amazon senators, Omar Aziz (PSD) and Vanessa Grazziontin (PCdoB).

According to Lindberg Farias, who is the author of the application which resulted in the hearing in Manaus, Brazil is world champion in homicides, and young people are more numerous among the victims, so the Commission is touring the States to understand the cause of these deaths. The reason that brought the commission to the Amazon, yet he said, It was death 36 people in less than a week at the end of last July.

"We are world champions murder. In 2013 were 56 thousand murders, more than half of young. The numbers are similar in the Amazon, but what caught our attention was this slaughter, resulting in 36 deaths. The CPI wants to understand what happened and want to start a national campaign to reduce the number of homicides in Brazil. Of five people killed in the world, one is Brazilian, we can not accept this number as normal ", said Lindbergh.

During the hearing, Senator Omar Aziz (PSD), who was governor of the State, He said that drug trafficking is the main cause of death of young people in the Amazon, as well as in other states. For him, it is necessary to intensify the fight against trafficking, mainly border, and enhance user treatment policies. He said that in the Amazon the number of young death is less, compared to other states with the same proportion, and the episode that resulted in the death of 24 Young was an atypical situation.

A similar opinion presented Senator Vanessa Grazziotin that said changes are needed in the Statute of Children and Adolescents (ECA), such as increasing the length of stay, and recovery measures these youth, already under discussion in the Senate.

Also attended the hearing state representatives David Almeida (PSD), would Garcia (PSDB), Dermilson Chagas (PDT), Luiz Castro (PPS), Alessandra Campêlo (PCdoB), Augusto Ferraz (THE), Charles Albert (PRB) - President of the Commission of Children and Adolescents of Aleam -, Jose Ricardo (PT) - President of the Commission on Human Rights of Aleam, and Sinésio Fields (PT), besides the councilman José Waldemir (PT), and representatives of the Public Security Bureau (SSP), Amazon Court (TJ-AM), Military police (PM-AM) e Civil (DGPC), Justice Attorney General (PGJ) do Amazonas, public defense (ECD-AM), and even representation of entities of Amazonas youth.

The data, suggestions and complaints made to the CPI will be brought for discussion in the Senate, and will be part of the Commission report, according to the rapporteur Lindbergh Farias. People can also make suggestions, complaints and questions to the committee through the Portal e-Citizenship Senate (www.senado.leg.br/ecidadania) Hello and Senate (0800-612211).

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