TSE recorded Sustainability Network, party founded by Marina Silva

The legend is able to receive and release candidates for membership 2016.
23/09/2015 11h48 - Updated 23/09/2015 11h51
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The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) approved on Tuesday (22) the granting of registration for Sustainability Network, party conceived by former Minister and former senator Marina Silva.

With the decision, the legend is able to receive and launch affiliated candidates for elections 2016. It is the 34th party in the country - the last day 15, the TSE had authorized 33, New Party.

The founders of the network tried to get the record in 2013, to launch Marina presidential candidate by the legend last year, but had denied the request for lack of minimum necessary support at the time. The former senator just running for the presidency because he joined the PSB and integrated, as vice, the ticket headed by former Governor Eduardo Campos. She became a candidate for president after Campos death in a plane crash - got 22,1 million votes and was third, behind Dilma Rousseff (PT) and Aécio Neves (PSDB).

In 2013, the Network had submitted signatures 442 thousand voters validated by the electoral registry offices, but the law required 492 one thousand, or equivalent 0,5% of the votes cast for deputies in elections 2010.
In May this year, Marina presented other 56,1 thousand signatures, adding support 498 thousand voters, above the currently required (486,6 thousand voters).

In late August, Deputy Attorney General election, Eugenio Aragão, manifested itself favorably to record Network. For him, the new caption need not submit more signatures, people not affiliated to other parties, a new requirement approved this year by Congress to obtain authorization by the Electoral Court.

At the sitting of Tuesday, 22, the registration request had the favorable vote of the rapporteur, João Otávio de Noronha, and two ministers Benjamin Herman, Henrique Neves, Luciana Lóssio, Gilmar Mendes, Rosa Weber and the president of the TSE, Dias Toffoli.

In his opinion, Gilmar Mendes recalled the difficulty of Marina to register the party and at the end praised the participation of the former senator in the election last year. “Marina lost the elections, but we earned our admiration. Therefore, lost earning”, he said.

At the end of the trial, Dias Toffoli drew attention to the growing number of subtitles in the country.
“The keep this system, distribution of TV time and party fund, each congressman want to be his political party. From 34 we will have 513 political parties", he said, in reference to the number of deputies Chamber.

Marina Silva
The former senator personally accompanied the TSE session that approved the registration concession to Sustainability Network.
After the decision of the ministers, she said (see the video, not high) the goal of the new party is to put sustainability “in the center of the discussion of economic and social development” from the country.

“One of the most pressing issues of this agenda is the political sustainability. We said in the 2010 we would lose much of what he had earned in the economy, social inclusion and democracy in delay function in politics. It is the delay in policy that has led to losses that we thought we would not would happen”, stated.

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