Users say 'yes' to special group of landing outside the bus stops after 22h

by design, the landing will be held whenever requested in places with security conditions.
24/09/2015 12h55 - Updated 24/09/2015 12h55
Photo: Tiago Correa (CMM)

More of 80% of the voters said 'yes' in the poll "Do you agree that public transportation in Manaus can perform, after 22h, landing elderly passengers, disabled and pregnant women off the bus stops?’, published in 11 of August.

Were 184 votes to 29 against the special time for disembarkation for this group of passengers. The proposal was presented by Councilman Hiram Nicholas (PSD), from Bill No. 224/2015, which is being processed in the Municipality of Manaus (CMM).

by design, the landing will be held whenever requested by these people and the driver must stop at places that offer safe conditions for passenger disembarkation.

"I did this project with the intention of improving the performance of the transport service for elderly, disabled and pregnant women, make life easier for these people, especially those who have limited mobility and are more vulnerable to increased urban violence and assaults and rapes that reach alarming levels of records in our city ".

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