See images of the Supermoon and moon blood this Sunday

28/09/2015 11h10 - Updated 28/09/2015 11h54
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The world was lucky to see the eclipse of a Supermoon at night this Sunday (27). Here are some of the best images of this astronomical spectacle.

The moon seemed 14% largest and 30% brighter than normal, and it was also painted red, in a rare phenomenon known as Blood Moon. This event is part of a Tetrad, when four blood moons occur within two years.

One "Supermoon" is simply what happens when a full moon coincides to occur when the moon is at its closest point to Earth. Reports that you heard, as "MY GOD ONE GIANT MOON" are exaggerated - yes, the Supermoon will appear larger, more just 14% most ... During a lunar eclipse, the moon moves under the shadow of the Earth and, to hide in the shadows, Moon wins a distinct red color. In 27 of September, We saw both these phenomena together for the first time since 1982, creating an eclipse Supermoon - and the next time you see one of these will be 2033.

The Associated Press also prepared a timelapse of the phenomenon:

This was the fourth and last of the four Supermoon occurred between 2014 e 2015. Now, the next blood moon will occur only in 2033 - that is, who saw not have to wait a while to enjoy the live phenomenon.

Source: GIZ MODE Brazil

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