Agency says it's hard to find black actor 'beautiful’ and generates controversy on the web

Company says that information was misinterpreted.
30/10/2015 10h24 - Updated 30/10/2015 10h24
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The leak of information from a series to recruit email “3%” It is produced for Netflix, and airs on 2016, sparked controversy on the Internet on Thursday (29) after reporting the degree of difficulty to find a beautiful black man to participate in the series.

“The direction like it to be black, but aware of the degree of difficulty, we will test also with good actors, lindos, other than black”, says the text of the email, circulating the web.

In his facebook page, the company responsible for recruiting + Add Casting reported that the information was misinterpreted and that the degree of difficulty was quoted in reference to the number of registered black. According to the company only 0,4% of subscribers say they are black.

Netflix is ​​also expressed on Thursday, repudiating the message: "The email on the test cast of '3%’ It was sent without the knowledge or approval of Netflix, and contradicts everything we believe in. Junto to shop Films, we are working to make arrangements, and we regret what happened. "

The Boutique also expressed Movies: "As a producer responsible for the series '3%', We are shocked by the email sent by the outsourced company producing casting. The language used in the e-mail is unacceptable and has never been approved by us. The text does not represent our vision as a company. It does not represent the spirit of the series or casting guidance, which seeks to portray the diversity of the population.”


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